Cause and Effect

Cause: Cuomo Calls for State to Return to Progressive Ideals

“… “We are a community based on progressive principles,” the governor said, in a speech to several hundred lawmakers and guests at an auditorium in the Capitol complex.  “We must remain that progressive capital of the nation.” …”

Effect: Survey: New York, California last in personal freedoms

“New York and California have for generations of Americans been considered destination spots to express personal freedoms — one with a city big enough for anybody with a dream to perhaps become a star, and the other a state synonymous with the so-called laid-back lifestyle.  But such attitudes have drastically changed, according to a new study that finds the two states last in individual freedom.  The “Freedom in the 50 States” study published last week by the libertarian-leaning Mercatus Center ranks New York last and California second to last.  The survey is based on fiscal issues such as job prospects and tax rates, regulatory policies that include property rights and personal freedoms such as gun laws …”

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