Cuomo’s popularity decline

Gov. Cuomo’s popularity continues to decline:

“Half of New York’s Republicans disapprove of the job Gov. Andrew Cuomo is doing, the first time the Democrat’s popularity has dropped so low among GOP voters since taking office two years ago, according to a new poll out by Quinnipiac University.  Among the state’s Republicans, 49 percent disapprove of the job Cuomo is doing, compared with 38 percent who approve of the governor’s work … The results underline the growing divide Cuomo is facing among voters across regional and especially party lines since signing the NY Safe Act into law on Jan. 15 …”

This in spite of the fact that I have not seen a single media outlet accurately describe what exactly the SAFE Act does.  Plus, downstate media are going out of their way to ignore SAFE opposition.

One thought on “Cuomo’s popularity decline

  1. Let the voice of upstate NY be heard via the polls !!! 52 counties out 62 oppose the law and growing.

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