Bloomberg to Cuomo: Don’t blame me

Mayor Mike does not seem all that happy that Governor Cuomo is trying to shift the blame for SAFE onto him:

“… Asked about that criticism today, Bloomberg erupted in anger.  “What did we do, put a gun to their head, if you pardon the pun, and force them to write legislation?” he said, during a press conference in Brooklyn about helping the unemployed get jobs.  “Is that the allegation?  That we were up there with automatic weapons with expanded capacity magazines forcing them to write a bill?”  “That’s the kind of journalism that I find troublesome,” he continued.  “You’ve got a source that isn’t willing to put their name on the bill and the reporting of it wasn’t in the context of, is that credible?  But they were forced by guns, or a knife at their throat, to take our ideas.  If they took our ideas, I’m flattered.  I hope they did.  And I don’t know whether they did or didn’t, and I don’t know whether they got it accurate or not.” …”

Let me see if I have this straight:

  • Cuomo says SAFE was Bloomberg’s idea.
  • Bloomberg says he’s flattered if Cuomo did accept his ideas.
  • Bloomberg doesn’t know if Cuomo accepted his ideas.
  • Bloomberg is angry.

What is wrong with this picture?

  • There is no possible way for Bloomberg not to know if Cuomo accepted his ideas or not.  Either they were passed into law or they weren’t.

Later one of his mouthpieces elaborates to the Capital New York reporter on Bloomberg’s involvements with SAFE:

“… Here’s a statement Bloomberg spokesman Marc LaVorgna sent over following the press conference.  The Governor’s office reached out to us for advice.   We advised them to include micro stamping—our well known, long-time top priority at the State level—but they choose not to include it.  We did not advise them on the magazine issue, as it is not something we ever proposed in State legislation.  Representatives from film industry informed us about the issue of movie and TV production the before bill passed, something we noted to the Governor’s office …”

Let me see if I got it all now:

  • Cuomo says SAFE was Bloomberg’s idea.
  • Bloomberg says he’s flattered if Cuomo did accept his ideas.
  • Bloomberg says he wanted microstamping.
  • Bloomberg denies he wanted magazine capacity limits.
  • Bloomberg wants an exemption for Hollywood.
  • Bloomberg does not know if Cuomo accepted his ideas.
  • Bloomberg is angry.

Now what is wrong with this picture?

  1. There is no way for Bloomberg not to know that Cuomo did not accept his ideas.  Either they were included in SAFE or they weren’t.  Neither microstamping nor a Hollywood exemption are part of SAFE.
  2. Bloomberg lied in his first press conference about this.
  3. Someone is lying about the magazine issue, either Cuomo or Bloomberg or both.

It’s going to be interesting to see which one of these guys is going to lose his shit first.  I’ll give Cuomo the edge as Bloomberg can always console himself by rolling around in a bed made of money.

10 thoughts on “Bloomberg to Cuomo: Don’t blame me

  1. Well, God warned us about slimy serpents! Too bad all those down-staters ate the forbidden fruit. No wonder they call NYC the big apple!

  2. You can’t make this stuff up. Even by Albany standards, this is ridiculous. What a blustering coward. Let’s hope some of the Sheeple are paying attention.

  3. So, Governor, how does it come to pass that you allow an unelected advocacy group to craft a state law that is so bad you had to ram it through in the dead of night (literally)?
    Big donors to your campaign? Really? So you’re a corrupt, bought and paid for political hack that got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, then… gotcha.
    Yeah, that excuse is totally going to work.

  4. Really, you can’t make this stuff up. I am laughing now but I think that we will all laugh harder when this law is history and so are these nut case politicians.


    Me: Governor, what you were talking about when you were talking about this provision of the SAFE Act when it passed was that the smaller magazine size would allow a law enforcement officer to interrupt a potential mass shooter more quickly. It sounds like if you’ve got 10-round magazines floating around the state — which we’re going to have even after this (technical inconsistency) is fixed — that provision is not going to be as robust. Is that fair to say?

    Cuomo: Well, it’s not the size of the magazine, Casey, it’s the number of bullets in the magazine.

    Me: But a mass shooter isn’t going to say, “Eh, I’m only going to put seven rounds in my magazine.”

    Cuomo: Well, look — a mass shooter, then, could put in a 20- or a 30-round (magazine). I mean, if you’re saying the law is going to be violated, you could put in a 30-round magazine.

    Lovett: But he would have access to a 10-round in New York stores.

    Cuomo: Yeah — and he’d have access to a 20 and a 30.

    Lovett: Not in New York stores.

    Cuomo: Not in New York stores — so you go to another state.

    Me: But that’s an argument against the strength of the law — what you just said.

    Cuomo: No — you can buy larger magazines in other states. That’s why the federal law is so important. Right? Which is the first point: You need a federal law, because it’s not a state problem, it’s a national problem. And if you really want to make a significant difference and stop the out-of-state trafficking, which is a major problem, you need a federal law.

  6. YOU wanted it in place after sandy hook! YOU made it an emergency to get it passed! YOU told us we don’t “need 10 bullets to kill a deeeeeeer”! YOU signed it into law!

    It forever belongs to YOU, dumb bastard.

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