Candidate Melodie Baker’s position statement

Following up on Chris Jacobs’ recent stunt, here is a brief position statement from one of the two declared Democrat candidates for the open seat in CD-27, Melodie Baker:

“… Raised in rural Texas and then moving to Buffalo with her family at a young age has had an impact on how Baker views a number of issues – including guns. Her letter to Chairman Zellner says she learned to shoot a 12-gauge gun before she was a teenager, and she tells Carter her family has used guns for generations to hunt meals. Baker supports the second amendment and the use of guns as tools, she says, but does not support their use as weapons. “I certainly think people who have a history of violence and mental health instability, need to definitely not have those guns and even the type of guns — AK-47s do not belong on the street …”

Sounds like she’s pandering to the Fudds while supporting the gun ban agenda.

As for the other candidate Nate McMurray, he appears to have the support of the Brady’s in spite of making some questionable remarks to his political opposition.

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