Democrats try to pull a fast one

St. Lawrence Co. Democrats are trying to pull a fast one over on 2A rights supporters with their Congressional candidate pick:

“The St. Lawrence County Democratic Committee has endorsed Matt Castelli for congress. Castelli’s stand on gun rights is part of the reason … Castelli’s position on gun rights was an important factor in deciding to back him, Clark said … In 2018, the campaign of Democrat Tedra Cobb to unseat Stefanik was derailed when an undercover video surfaced of Cobb saying she would support banning assault weapons, but couldn’t say so before the election because it would hurt her chances … In a September interview with 7 News, Castelli emphasized his deep familiarity with guns – as a C.I.A. officer he carried weapons “in places like Afghanistan and Iraq.” “I was extensively trained and carried a Glock 17 and an M4 rifle,” he said. “So I will protect the rights of our lawful gun owners, our hunters, our sportsmen and women, to keep their families and communities safe,” he said. But Castelli also said more work needs to be done “keeping our communities safe from gun violence.” …”

In other words he’s going to fuck us over the first chance he gets. Don’t give him the opportunity.