Jacobs’ campaign stunt

Senator Chris Jacobs proposed a new bill pertaining to pistol license privacy:

“New York State Senator Chris Jacobs announced today that he has introduced legislation (S-6834) that would tighten privacy protections for gun owners at the time they apply for their permits, as well as when they recertify. “My bill presumes gun owners prefer to keep their personal licensing and application information private from the general public, and it affords that protection by ensuring the information is only made public through a court order, or if the applicant chooses to allow public disclosure,” said Jacobs. “The automatic disclosure that exists today acts as a deterrent to applicants and an unnecessary infringement on the second amendment rights of lawful gun owners.” Under current state law, when a resident applies for a pistol permit, personal information such as name and address automatically become part of the public record and accessible to anyone conducting a public search. To maintain confidentiality, applicants must formally opt out of public disclosure when they first apply, and at all re-certifications as required under New York’s SAFE Act. Jacobs’ bill reverses the roles for permit holders by requiring they opt in to any public disclosure …”

Big deal.

I don’t see the 2A community jumping up and down for joy over this, not that it will be going anywhere with Jacobs being in the permanent Republican minority.

This is nothing more than a public relations stunt for his Congressional campaign.

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