Timber Vaults’ concealment shelves

Timber Vaults sent me one of their concealment shelves for review.  With guns sales booming I thought this was timely move on their part.

What it is a modern looking shelf with a hidden compartment for one or more firearms. It is free floating with no brackets holding it up. It attaches to the wall though a metal bar which gets screwed to the wall. The shelf goes over this bar.

Here is a picture of this assembly:

The company makes three sizes: small, medium and large. They sent me a small one meant for handguns. Here is what a PPK looks like for comparison:

Their medium and large units look big enough for a short-barreled gat like the Shockwave and possibly some extras. It has an RFID lock and comes with a key fob and battery backup. All necessary hardware, except 4 AAA batteries, are included.  You need a screw driver, stud finder and possibly a level to mount it.

My observations:

  • It is solidly built from the wood, to the piston arm, to the wall bracket. It doesn’t feel at all flimsy.
  • It is attractive. It has a matte finish of some sort on the wood. It’s not a stain and doesn’t look like paint.
  • It absolutely needs at least one screw into a wall stud. I would stress this more in the instructions.
  • From a few feet away it does look like a regular shelf. If you look closer you can see the little plug hole on top for the battery backup which is a giveaway, but that can be hidden by putting some chachkies on it.
  • The RFID provides a reasonable level of security from children and guests. It is definitely not a gun safe and does not pretend to be.
  • It’s styling isn’t for everyone.  If you like modern decor it will blend in nicely.  Others, not so much.

All in all I think it is a quality product.

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Bet on Chicago

The Long Island Press reports:

“A bar in Patchogue is drawing ire after critics say it invited patrons to bet on whether more shootings will occur in New York City or Chicago over Labor Day weekend. The Cliffton, a self-described dive bar on Main Street in the village’s downtown, devised a box pool — similar to Super Bowl score gambling pools — so customers could place their bets on which of the two cities will suffer more shootings amid a recent crime wave …”

I’ll wager 50 quatloos on Chicago.

“… “This is the kind of place that needs to be boycotted,” said the Long Island chapter of the nonprofit Brady: United Against Gun Violence gun control advocacy group that called for an investigation into the bar …”

The only thing they’re upset over it this highlights the failure of both New York’s and Chicago’s notorious gun control laws.

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Pistol license applications up almost 30% in Erie Co.

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INT 2038-2020

INT 2038-2020 was introduced by Councilman Daniel Dromm to the Criminal Justice Committee.

According to the bill:

“… The council finds that it should be the policy of this city to promote the dignified and fair treatment of persons in the criminal justice system and in other institutions of confinement. The council declares that the use of outmoded terms, including “inmate” and “prisoner,” to refer to persons in custody in the criminal justice system and other institutions, is dehumanizing and demeaning to such persons, and that such terms should be eliminated from use in local law and replaced with terms that emphasize persons first, and not their circumstances …”

Idiocy like this is why people are leaving the City en masse.

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Thursday’s Newsbits:

I was sent a copy of American Druthers. I haven’t looked at it yet, but since the publisher took the time to mail it to me I’ll give him a free plug for it.






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Syracuse sues ATF over “ghost guns”

The New York Times reports that the City of Syracuse is suing the ATF over “ghost guns”:

“Chicago and three other cities on Wednesday sued the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), demanding it correct how it interprets what is a firearm and halt the sale of untraceable “ghost gun” kits increasingly used in crimes. The lawsuit is the first of its kind filed against the ATF, according to lawyers for the cities of Chicago, San Jose, Columbia, South Carolina, and Syracuse, New York. It was filed in the Southern District of New York state … The lawsuit argues the ATF and the Department of Justice “refuse to apply the clear terms of the Gun Control Act” which the suit says defines regulated firearms as not only working weapons “but also their core building blocks – frames for pistols, and receivers for long guns.” …”

According to Mayor Ben Walsh:

“… “Like cities across the nation, Syracuse is suffering from the proliferation of ghost guns. Through the end of July, our City has experienced a 30% increase in recovered ghost guns,” said Mayor Ben Walsh of Syracuse, NY. “In December of last year, a six-year-old boy in Syracuse was seriously injured by gunfire from one of these untraceable weapons. The Syracuse Police Department is working hard to address the threat locally. The ATF is in a position to address the flow of ghost guns upstream. Every day that it doesn’t is another day these guns continue to wash into American cities, leaving local communities less safe.” …”

This isn’t the first time Walsh has advocated for more gun control:

Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul was in Syracuse Monday pushing gun safety legislation meant to address school shootings. The bill, which would prevent individuals from buying or possessing guns who are believed to be a severe threat to themselves or others, is still tied up in the state legislature. Hochul was joined by Nottingham High School students and Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh in support of the bill that would allow a teacher or administrator to petition a judge, when they see warning signs from someone …”

Walsh is up for re-election next year.

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Bills signed by Governor

A-8078C, Permits 4-H certified shooting sports instructors to supervise and instruct persons under sixteen years of age at shooting ranges, and A-8666A, Relates to authorizing hunting big game by rifle in the County of Tompkins, have been signed into law by the Governor.

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Giffords endorses Balter for Congress

Giffords endorsed challenger Dana Balter in CD-24 against incumbent Congressman John Katko:

“… Giffords PAC endorsed Balter because of the Syracuse Democrat’s stances on legislation to combat gun violence. She supports universal background checks for gun purchases, a federal assault weapons ban and prohibiting the production of armor-piercing bullets and high capacity magazines. She opposes the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, which would require states to recognize concealed carry permits issued in other states. And she supports “red flag” laws, which would provide mechanisms for taking guns away from people who could harm themselves or others …”

They endorsed her last time around and it did nothing for the campaign.

A cursory inspection of FEC records indicates no expenditures by Giffords on behalf of Balter.

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S-8926 targets gun manufacturers

Last year a Democrat spokesman said they were looking into drafting legislation to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers to go forward.

This week Senator Zellnor Myrie introduced S-8926 to Rules. The short one sentence bill reads:

Section 1. Section 240.45 of the penal law is amended by adding a new subdivision 3 to read as follows:

As reported in the Daily News:

“… The bill would amend the state’s criminal nuisance law to include the sale or manufacture of products that endanger peoples’ health or safety, enabling New Yorkers to sue companies or individuals who violate the statute …”

Whether this is enough to get around the PLCAA is unclear.

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:





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