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Legislative update

S-8589, Relates to who can be a petitioner for an Extreme Risk Protection Order, has been Reported. Companion A-7717.

New bill introduction, A-10053/S-7365A, Requires reasonable controls and procedures to be taken with respect to the sale, manufacturing, importing and marketing of pistol converters.  Media coverage at Newsmax and the Daily Caller.

Legislative agenda for week of May 6

Assembly Codes agenda for May 7:

A-3359, Establishes the crime of falsely filing an Extreme Risk Protection Order to be punishable as a class E felony. No companion.

Senate Codes agenda for May 8:

S-6649, Requires firearms dealers to post and provide written warnings to purchasers of dangers posed by access to weapons in the home. Companion A-2882.

Gun control response to Hamas protests

Hamas supporters have been holding protests across the City and State, threatening violence against Jews and destroying property.

The response from Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris? More gun control, of course:

“A high-ranking member of the state Senate is proposing amending state law to prohibit the open carry of shotguns and rifles – though there is an exception for hunters included in the proposal. State Sen. Michael Gianaris, D-Astoria and Senate deputy majority leader, introduced S.9137 on Tuesday in the state Senate … “Reasonable restrictions on the open carry of long guns would lead to safer communities through a decrease in the rate of violent crime,” Gianaris wrote in his legislative justification. “The lack of licensing and restrictions on the open carry of long guns has allowed bad actors to display these weapons while engaging in various forms of intimidation including protests, counter-protests, intimidation in front of places of worship and places of reproductive health, and even at voting locations with the intent to intimidate voters.” …”

If enacted this legislation would be as effective as the City’s Gun Free Zone signs.

A companion was just introduced A-10052.

NRA reformers elected

All four reform candidates Phil Journey, Rocky Marshall, Dennis Fusaro and Jeff Knox were elected to the NRA Board.

It’s hard to image them doing a worse job than the current board members did.


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The Case Of Dexter Taylor