Bloomberg for President in 2012

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Paterson announces election campaign

Gov. Paterson has formally announced his election campaign.  He is trying to portray himself as an outsider.  Given that he has been part of the Albany machine for 25 years I don’t see this as a viable campaign strategy.

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News of the day

Assemblyman Greg Ball is reaching out to gun owners for a tax day revolt.  Good for him.

The Brady Campaign put out their annual state ratings and gave New York a 50 out of 100.  They used to give us a B.  It’s unclear if we are moving up or down in their rankings.

We haven’t heard the last of Doug Hoffman in CD-23.

Pro-gun article from the SUNY Buffalo student newspaper, “Don’t bring a notebook to a gunfight.”  Self-defense on campus?  What a concept.

Don’t buy Yellow Tail wine.  They support animal rights groups.

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Make up your mind already

Andrew Cuomo needs to make up his mind on whether or not he’s going to run for Governor this fall.  Kathleen Rice and Eric Schneiderman have stopped just short of formally announcing their intentions to run for D.A.  If Schneiderman does run for D.A. he will have to give up his Senate seat and getting him out of there would be a good thing as he is the prime sponsor of much of the antigun crap in the upper house.

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Murray wins

Dean Murray has been certified the winner of last week’s special elections in Suffolk.  He won by 160 votes so our GOTV mailing clearly helped.

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Tom King for NRA Board

Tom is running for re-election to the NRA Board this year.  NRA members who have been members for at least the past 5 consecutive years or who are Life or better members are eligible to vote.  Ballots will be in the next issue of your NRA magazine.

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What could possibly go wrong?

The guy behind the so-called gun buybacks in Albany is not happy we criticized the validity of the program.  Pastor Charlie sent out a press release defending it and outlined his plan to take the program to the next level:

“… The Albany Gun Buyback not only has shown results, but has recently received approval to allow inmates in Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, to run the first ever inmate-run gun buyback program. This program will be run by inmates and the money the collect will be used in Albany for Albany’s Gun Buyback Program.”

So, he wants to give inmates money to buy guns.  What could possibly go wrong with that idea?

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Seneca Co. opposes gun control bills

The Seneca Co. Board of Supervisors passed a resolution in opposition to the antigun bills the Assembly passes each year.  A copy of the resolution can be downloaded off the NYSRPA website here.

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Let’s not waste some money

Press release response to Albany Co. wanting to keep funding their so-called gun buyback program.  Tom was on a news brief on WGY during a break of Rush’s program talking about it.

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Where bills come from

Good AP story on where a lot of bills originate from, “Legislation templates make proposing bills easy“:

“For state legislators across the country, sponsoring bills can be as easy as filling in the blanks. Groups from both ends of the political spectrum offer lawmakers model legislation requiring a minimal amount of tailoring from state to state … “

Well, not exactly.  The template needs to be translated to conform to state law and that does require some lawyering.

“… The model legislation often intersects with the legislative goals of advocacy groups … The guns-in-cars measure has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association, and similar laws have been enacted Arizona, Louisiana and Utah …”

Of course the antis do the same.  Much of their stuff comes from the Legal Community Against Violence which has a section on their website “Model Laws” that has templates for semi-auto bans, .50 cal bans, dealer liability, etc.  Compare their templates to current antigun bills in Albany.

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