Schumer goes pheasant hunting

Ben nelson & Chuck Schumer go hunting

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That doesn’t mean we want you

Now that Rudy is gone:

“… Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld, who is exploring a run, said this morning that “clearly the landscape has changed” with Giuliani out of the race … Feld said Giuliani’s decision will offer her more of an opportunity to meet with Republican leaders. She met recently with Republicans in Washington D.C. to discuss her candidacy …”

Rudy’s exit does not mean New Yorkers want another antigun RINO running in his stead.

“… She said the electorate wants strong leadership …”

Which Feld very clearly demonstrated does not include her especially not after her humiliating 2-1 defeat in last year’s race for State Senate.

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When your disapproval rating is 56% and climbing, friends will start to abandon you.

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Now go away already

Rudy finally took the hint:

“… Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani is expected to announce Tuesday he is not running for U.S. Senate or anything else in 2010, effectively ending his storied – and often stormy – electoral career, The Daily News has learned …”

Good.  Now go away already.

“… The announcement, at which he’ll also endorse Republican Rick Lazio for governor …”

Bleh. Who cares who he endorses.

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Times pushes phony poll

The New York Times is promoting a phony poll by Mayors Against Illegal Guns which purports that NRA members support MAIG’s agenda:

“… Frank Luntz, a conservative Republican pollster who, Toto-like, has snatched back Oz’s curtain to reveal that gun owners favor much more reasonable gun controls than the gun lobby would ever allow the public to imagine. Mr. Luntz queried 832 gun owners, including 401 card-carrying N.R.A. members, in a survey commissioned by Mayors Against Illegal Guns …”

Two things.  First, the NRA does not give out membership information so there is no possible way for Luntz to have surveyed them.  There had to be a question asking participants if they are NRA members and there is no way for Luntz to verify if they answered truthfully.  Second, MAIG paid for this poll. Does anyone really think it they would ask objective questions?

“… In flat rebuttal of N.R.A. propaganda, the findings showed that 69 percent of N.R.A. members supported closing the notorious gun-show loophole that invites laissez-faire arms dealing outside registration requirements. Even more members, 82 percent, favored banning gun purchases to suspects on terrorist watch lists who are now free to arm. And 69 percent disagreed with Congressionally imposed rules against sharing federal gun-trace information with state and local police agencies …”

This is why the Times circulation is down.  Who believes this crap?

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Otsego says no more gun control

The Ostego Co. legislature voted in favor of a resolution advising state lawmakers not to adopt more gun control laws:

“… Rep. James Johnson, R-Otsego, said the nation’s founders had considered the right to bear arms “second in importance only to freedom of speech.”  Then he read part of the Second Amendment to his colleagues …”

Good for him.  He gets it.  Unfortunately, not all of his colleagues do.

“… Richard Murphy, D-Oneonta … Murphy said he believed the measures were “designed to target handguns and illegal guns,” not to restrict hunters. Handguns should be banned because they are implicated in many murders, Murphy said …”

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More of your tax dollars at work

Bloomberg’s antigun crusade doesn’t come cheap:

“Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against guns comes with a price tag attached. Bills obtained by the Daily News show the city Law Department has paid almost $1.5 million to Kroll Associates, a high-end detective firm, for its undercover probe of out-of-state gun sales … The investigators and their bosses billed the city between $225 and $325 an hour each, some of them for more than 100 hours per month … they spent tens of thousands of dollars on airfare, hotels, meals and other travel expenses.  They also billed the city for tens of thousands of dollars for background checks, research costs, cash payments for guns, and equipment – including $58,100 for recording gear …”

Let Mayor Mike pay for this out of his own pocket. He can afford it.

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Your tax dollars at work

Which one is real?

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AD-15 opening up

Assemblyman Rob Walker is giving up his seat to work for Nassau Co. Executive-elect Ed Mangano.  Walker was an F.  Maybe there will be an opportunity for better representation with him gone.

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“Big” Tim Sullivan, Tammany thug

The Times blog has a piece on the life and times of notorious thug “Big” Tim Sullivan, the man to whom we owe the Sullivan Act.

Sullivan is the subject of a new book, “King of the Bowery: Big Tim Sullivan, Tammany Hall, and New York City from the Gilded Age to the Progressive Era.”

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