Sheriffs really oppose SAFE

The Buffalo News reports on the NYSSA support for the NYSRPA lawsuit, “Sheriff Howard on SAFE Act: ‘I won’t enforce it’“:

“It’s no secret Sheriff Timothy B. Howard is opposed to New York’s new gun-control law. But Howard, who is running for re-election this year, is now ratcheting up his opposition by filing a friend of the court brief in the lawsuit seeking to overturn the SAFE Act and, even more important perhaps, by suggesting the law not be enforced. “I’m more than reluctant,” he said of the new law Thursday. “I won’t enforce it.” …”

I have never heard an elected official from New York say that about a gun law.

“… Howard is not the only sheriff to oppose the law – his brief was filed by the New York State Sheriff’s Association – but his stance on enforcement does put him at odds with some of his like-minded peers.  “I don’t get to pick and choose what laws I enforce,” said Putnam County Sheriff Donald B. Smith, a former president of the association. “That’s exactly why we filed the amicus brief.  We need to change this law.” Smith, like Howard, does view the SAFE Act as a step backward and a blow to law-abiding citizens, especially gun owners.  The law, he said, may prove successful in limiting the type of weapons the general public can buy, but it will have little or no impact on what drug dealers, gang members and other criminals can get their hands on.  “I actually call it the not-so-safe act,” Smith said. “Ultimately, why would we put our citizens at a disadvantage to the criminals.” …”

The Albany Police Union’s letter to the Governor answers that question: “You know that this shameful SAFE Act was about ideology and politics and not making anyone safer.”

“… Assemblyman Sean Ryan, D-Buffalo, almost couldn’t believe his ears when told of Howard’s public stance.  “He said that?” Ryan asked incredulously. “There are all sorts of principled ways of going about this.  Law enforcement officials aren’t allowed to pick and choose.” …”

It is a well established leftist tactic to refuse to enforce laws they don’t like.  Ryan, who voted for SAFE, is just upset because the NYSSA’s stance makes both him and Governor Cuomo look bad.  Speaking of which, I have been informed that the Governor has signaled to Democrat Chemung Co. Sheriff Christopher Moss that he will try to remove him from office if he does not enforce SAFE.  Moss has also been critical of SAFE.

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6 thoughts on “Sheriffs really oppose SAFE

  1. He may not, but the NY State Police have already shown their hand, and they are in full support of it. Arrests are being made. As are the providers in the mental health community. Now it is more about violating the 2A than it is about providing medical care. Watch your backs, they are coming.

  2. That last part about the Governor trying to get rid of Sheriff Moss is interesting. But we decide who our Sheriff is, not the Governor, and Moss isn’t going anywhere!

  3. He may try to remove Sheriff Moss from office but we’ll make sure he’s reelected. Not sure when he became a Democrat though because he originally won the job through a Republican primary. Either way, we decide who our sheriff is, not the Governor; and Moss isn’t going anywhere!

  4. I could have sworn he was a Democrat.

    Anyway, I do not think the Governor has the authority to simply remove an elected official from office.

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