Andy Pelsoi for Town Board

Former New Yorkers Against Gun Violence director Andy Pelsoi is running for North Salem Town Board.  He’s in the Bloomberg endorsement video at 0:51.

Here’s a link to his campaign’s Facebook page.

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When pigs fly

Op-ed from yesterdays Times-Ledger newspapers, “Get Rid of the Guns“:

“… The war on illegal guns cannot be won until the mayor [Bloomberg] makes an ally of the National Rifle Association …”

They can’t be serious.

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Failure is always an option

Memo to New York Republicans: Failure Is Always An Option.

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Hope for Change

There’s some merit in this Daily News piece, “Insiders say term limits, supporter apathy could damage Mayor Bloomberg’s chances of reelection“:

“… some insiders see troubling signs that he could be tossed out of City Hall. They fear lingering voter anger about term limits, low-turnout primaries, passionate anti-Bloomberg Democrats and complacent Bloomberg supporters could combine to create the biggest political upset of a generation …”

I agree that changing term limits has pissed a lot of people off, but I’m not sure Bill Thompson is a strong enough candidate to take him out. He’s run a very weak campaign so far and Democrats don’t appear to be very excited about him.

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MMM endorses Bloomberg’s re-election

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Helmke not a good liar

Brady Bunch President Paul Helmke on SCOTUS incorporating the 2nd Amendment from the Dallas Morning News:

“It’s not that worrisome.”

Oh, yes it is for them.  New York gun law is based entirely upon the notion that there is no RKBA and the state can do whatever it pleases.  Incorporation by SCOTUS would open up all sorts of new legal challenges here and elseware and Helmke knows it.  So does Mayor Bloomberg.

For example, the Sullivan Law.  If gun ownership is a right, how can the state require a license even for simple possession?  If somehow licensing itself can be justified, how can it be discretionary?  If you can keep a gun in the home for personal protection, then why can you not carry with you for the same reason?  It’s not like freedom of religion only applies when you’re in church.  Is it reasonable for the state deny a right to non-residents?  That’s certainly not the case for freedom of speech.

What I would like to see come out of the Chicago gun case is something that says laws pertaining to the 2nd Amendment must be held to the same standards of strict scrutiny as the rest of the Bill of Rights.  That would be the best for future legal challenges.

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Bad news for Reid = Good news for Schumer

Harry Reid’s popularity continues to decline.  According to the Las Vegas Journal-Review:

“Nevadans say they’re ready to replace longtime Democratic incumbent Sen. Harry Reid with an untested Republican … of their top two picks — former GOP party official Sue Lowden and real estate developer Danny Tarkanian — either one would unseat Reid if the election were held today, according to a poll commissioned by the Review-Journal … In one general election scenario, 49 percent of respondents picked Lowden and 39 percent chose Reid. In another, 48 percent picked Tarkanian to 43 percent for Reid …”

If Reid gets the boot next year, we could get a Majority Leader Schumer as his replacement.

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Ahnold & Albany

Ahnold signed into law an ammunition bill for California.  It is similar to, but much more restrictive than, a bill floated in the City of Albany a few years ago ORD 33.92.04.

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Gun sales way up in New York

The Ithaca Journal is the latest media outlet to report that gun sales are way up across the state:

“… fingerprints processed for gun applications are up about 50 percent over last year, though the state Division of Criminal Justice Services expects the rate to level to a 30 percent increase when the year is finished …”

Pistol license applications look to be up between 25% and 50% depending up the county and I have been hearing of processing delays in Erie, Onondaga and Orange counties. Sure it’s a pain, but just think about how much this must be pissing off Mayor Bloomberg.

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Good advice from Barney Frank

Some people want to put on a pro-gun march on Washington next year.  I think it’s a total waste of time. Good advice on that sort of tactics comes from an unlikely source, Congressman Barney Frank.  His response to gays wanting to march on Washington:

“… Frank called the demonstrations in Washington this weekend “a waste of time at best” and “an emotional release” that does little to cause change. “The only thing they’re going to be putting pressure on is the grass,” …”

Then what’s the best way to get your point across to legislators?

“… “Call or write your representative or senator, and then have your friends call and write their representative or senator,” Frank said. “That’s what the NRA does. That’s what the AARP does,” he said, referring to the two most effective interest groups – the National Rifle Association and the American Association of Retired Persons …”

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