Schumer’s proposal

Chuck Schumer is proposing “modest” new gun control.  According to WNYC:

“… Under the plan endorsed by Schumer and Bloomberg, states and federal authorities would be required to increase the percentage of denied gun permit applicants to the national gun database. The penalty for not reporting would be a loss of federal funding for crime prevention …”

However,  the Wall Street Journal tells a different story:

“U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Wednesday he will propose legislation requiring all gun buyers to undergo a background check and broadly increasing penalties against states that don’t contribute names to the national background-check system …”

My guess is that his bill will prohibit all private firearms transaction and he’s trying to bury it with the other stuff to make it seem more innocuous.

3 thoughts on “Schumer’s proposal

  1. Schumer is a monster. Requiring all gun transfers to go through a dealer is ridiculously unenforceable, but it’s intended to fail so that it can justify total gun registration, with an unregistered gun becoming a criminal offense. Registration will be followed by prohibition and confiscation of politically incorrect firearms. Schumer is a monster. He has the scruples of Joseph Stalin, but he is much smarter and thus more dangerous. His political career should be ended. He should be selling car insurance.

  2. We don’t need more background checks to keep guns out of the wrong hands, we need Schumer voted out of office, so we can keep government out of the wrong hands.

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