Justice is served

The story: Florida man comes to Manhattan to help his girlfriend move, inadvertently leaving loaded handgun in glovebox of his truck.  Attracts police attention when he makes a wrong turn.  Police see pistol when he retrieves registration info from glovebox.  Police charge him with violating the Sullivan Act.

D.A. Cyrus Vance wants his head on a platter.

Citizen Ryan testifies in his own defense.

Jurors recognize BS and find him not guilty.

Mayor Mike must be pissed.

4 thoughts on “Justice is served

  1. The right to keep and bear arms has been the crime of gun possession in New York City by law. However, in this case, the jury disagreed with that law.
    Bloomberg may be pissed now, but I suspect that if constitutional carry ever becomes the law of the land throughout the US, Bloomberg will part company with his colon, and his colon will be glad to be rid of him.

  2. Oy. I will not voluntarily go into NY or NY City thanks to their anti-2nd Amendment stance. Hopefully the correct thinking and ruling of this jury will spread throughout the judicial and law enforcement branches of this otherwise fine state.

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