Talk about being ungrateful

Jeanne Assam, the woman who stopped a crazed killers rampage by shooting him back in 2007, came out as gay.

Now, according to her, the church where it happened doesn’t want her. ┬áTalk about being ungrateful.

3 thoughts on “Talk about being ungrateful

  1. I read the article and it sounds like both sides disagree on what was said. The church leadership is saying that she and any other gay person is welcome.

    I don’t see the ingratitude here – she’s just another sinner, like you and me – who appears to be welcome at the church.

    It’s possible some church members have given her a hard time – and that is an issue the leadership needs to deal with. Sin is sin – and forgiveness is for all. If Jeanne is continuing in hers, the church leadership would be within their rights to prevent her from being in leadership or ministry – but it sounds like they still love her and want her to attend.

  2. With all due respect – it’s not your opinion that counts in the end, it’s God’s – and since He’s the one who decides what is sin and what is not – and moreover, who paid the price for all our sins, His opinion is most important.

    Unrepentant sin is eternally deadly.


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