Tuesday’s Newsbits:

If you live in AD-107 campaign signs for Assemblyman Jake Ashby will soon be available. E-mail the campaign at

Armed Citizen:



Decriminalize it

New York has slowly been moving in the direction of legalizing recreation marijuana.

The legislature should speed up the process:

“A burglar trying to rob a Main Street apartment early today Monday was shot in the hand by the gun-toting tenant, police said. New Rochelle police said Darius Rogers and a second man broke into an apartment at 759 Main St. around 12:49 a.m. Rogers was armed, but so was the tenant, 21-year-old Nicholas Collado, and Collado shot the intruder, police said. The second intruder fled. Rogers was transported to a local hospital and was treated for non-life threatening injuries. He is facing felony charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree burglary and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon …”

Good. He got what he deserved.

“… Police said they found narcotics in the apartment. So, Collado is facing felony charges of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell and second-degree criminal possession of marijuana.”

Decriminalize all of it including the hallucinogenics and get the state out of the drug control business altogether.  It is bad policy.


Saturday’s Newsbits:

Armed Citizen:





Wednesday’s Newsbits:

Retired cop shoots robber in Queens

Residents arm themselves

What happens when two killers escape from prison?

Residents arm themselves:

“… residents of a small upstate town armed themselves as law enforcement zeroed in on Willsboro, about 40 miles southeast of Dannemora.  “My husband I both have conceal carry (licenses), and we have our guns loaded and they’re here in the house,” said Teresa Sayward, a former Republican assemblywoman whose farm is near where the wanted men were spotted. “Hopefully we won’t have to use them.” … Another Willsboro resident took out his shotgun when a reporter walked up to his home to interview him …”

Isn’t the SAFE Act enough to keep them safe?

Armed citizen on NYC subway train

Arming bodega owners

The Bodega Association of the United States is encouraging store owners to apply for NYC pistol licenses.  According to the Daily News:

“… Luis Ducasse, head of the Bodega Association of the United States, has been targeting cornershops and delis in crime-ridden neighborhoods, handing out gun-license applications to owners … The pistol push began after at least 12 deli owners from the Bronx and Queens told Ducasse they were victims of an armed robbery in the last few weeks, he said. At least three deli workers were killed in robberies this winter, he said …”

Disgraceful.  Where is Mayor Bloomberg on this?  Nowhere to bee seen.  As for the police:

“… The NYPD declined to comment on the recent deli robberies or Ducasse’s efforts.  But Bronx officers recently trained deli operators how to best protect themselves, including adding better security cameras, keeping small amounts of cash in registers and avoiding confrontations …”

This is nice, but considering they have no legal obligation whatsoever to protect citizens, would it not be be better for police brass to stop playing politics and simply issue pistol licenses to whomever applies for them?  There is absolutely no legal reason for them to force ordinary people to go through the abusive process they do now.  They can issue unrestricted licenses right now to Joe Citizen just like they do for the rich and politically connected.

Worth remembering

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

Took a round just above his left eye.

John Synder offers his thoughts:

” … Americans can be glad we enjoy the individual Second Amendment civil right to keep and bear arms.  We may have to rely on that right now more than ever to be able to protect life and property from those who would do us and our loved ones harm …”

Words worth remembering.

Social justice

The Daily News calls this street justice, but I think it’s more of a social justice issue:

“… David Williams was pummeling his 19-year-old gal pal … when the pistol-packing Good Samaritan stepped up … Williams, 22, got in the unidentified man’s face … and forcefully told him to mind his business.  “Mind my business?” the passerby responded … The man then whipped out a gun and shot Williams … once above his left eye …”

Nice shot.

“… Williams – who had 10 domestic violence arrests involving his mother and the baby’s mother – was rushed to Lincoln Hospital, where he died …”

Fuck him.

“… Police were hunting for the shooter last night …”


“… Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers …”

Yeah, good luck with that.

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