Mayor’s gun hunt

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The latest from Bloomberg: Gun Show Undercover.

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NRA endorses Scozzafava

NRA has endorsed DeDe Scozzafava in the CD-23 race.  She is the only candidate with a public record on guns.

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Virgina governor’s race

Mayor Bloomberg is a topic of discussion in the Virgina governor’s race.

NRA ad for Bob McDonnell:

Anti-McDonnell ad by Americans United for Safe Streets (a Bloomberg proxy)

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Knowing what government’s about

Somewhat odd statement by made by Mayor Bloomberg with respect to his latest batch of endorsements:

“… He noted that Podesta, Rivera and two other Dems who endorsed him today – Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence director Jackie Hilly – are people who “know what government’s about.” …”

That may be true, but I can’t think of any politician making a statement like that receiving an endorsement.

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NYAGV endorses Bloomberg

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence endorsed Mayor Bloomberg for re-election.  Big deal.  If this race weren’t so laughably lopsided in favor of Bloomberg I’d be all over it.

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Doug Hoffman ad

Doug Hoffman (C) claims he’s an NRA member in his latest ad.

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Let’s keep doing what doesn’t work

Gun control doesn’t work, but let’s keep doing it anyway because, well, we’ve got nothing else.  From today’s Daily News op-ed, “Get the guns: Wanton slaying of 13-year-old cries out for crackdown on firearms“:

“… Mayor Bloomberg has filed lawsuits and staged sting operations to try to halt the flood of weapons that flow up I-95 and into New York. He has mobilized mayors around the country. And still a revolver found its way to a teenager who didn’t have the sense not to use it …”

So they’re basically admitting their gun control schemes don’t work as advertised.  A rational person would recognize failure, stop and try something else.  Not the DN:

“…  the NYPD must keep going after guns. Must keep up the stop-and-frisks that so outrage civil libertarians. Must confront suspicious-looking passersby. Because that’s the best way to try to save lives …”

Translation: Fuck the Constitution.  What we need is a fascist police state.  We’re going to save your life even if it kills you.

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Bloomberg making noise again

Mayor Mike is looking for some attention again.  MAIG just released a report titled, “Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns.”  It looks like they’re largely repackaging their same old ideas to keep their issues in the media.  I don’t see this going anywhere.  Neither Congress nor Obama have any desire to take up any gun control schemes right now.

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$65 Million

Mayor Bloomberg has spent $65 million on his re-election campaign thus far, roughly $30 million over the past two months alone.  He’s on track to hit $100 million by election day.

What can you even compare this to?

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