Endorsement for Peter Margolius

Our second endorsement for the fall elections is out: Peter Margolius for Greene County Judge.  He is a member of NYSRPA, NRA and Coxsackie Sportsmen.  His campaign announcement was recently published in The Daily Mail, “Town justice throws hat in ring.

News of the day

Long time Senator Dale Volker announced his retirement.  He carried pro-gun bills in the Senate for many year.

Latest polling shows Andrew Cuomo would beat Rick Lazio, Steve Levy and Carl Paladino.  Paladino notes that his numbers are better than Lazio’s (losing 55-25% verses Lazio losing 56-24%).  Since the three GOP contenders all have about the same numbers, I see it more as a general anybody-but-Cuomo preference and not a specific preference for any of them.

ATF released some statistical trace data for New York.  Mayor Bloomberg claims his lawsuits are responsible for the drop in guns linked to criminals.

Celebrate Mother’s Day by giving up your guns.

Dan Donovan to run for state AG

The Post reports that Staten Island DA Dan Donovan is going to make a run for state attorney general.  What the hell, the Republicans have nobody else.

Donovan is antigun.  He made it a point to use his office to oppose the nationwide carry reciprocity bill last year.  Here are two stories from The Advance:

Staten Island D.A. opposes gun bill being considered by Congress.”

Staten Island District Attorney applauds Senate rejection of gun bill.

And here is a copy of the letter he sent to Pelosi & Reid opposing the bill.

Pictures from antigun lobby day

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s posted pictures from their lobby day.  I think the best one is Jackie Kuhls giving Eric Schneiderman the stink eye followed closely by Michelle Schimel with her mouth open.


No action today

No antigun bills moved to the Assembly floor today.  The only action was the enacting clause has been updated on the microstamping bills.  Current version is A-6468C/S-6005A.  I have heard twice that they may try to move the gun bills near the end of session as part of a budget deal.

Microstamping point/counterpoint

Antigun bills did not come up in the Assembly today.  The only media attention the antis got that I can find is over at Capitol Confidential, “Legislators hear students on gun control“.

Our response went out statewide, “New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Opposes Microstamping Bill.”

Antis in Albany

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is in Albany today.  Reports indicate they have nowhere close to the numbers we turned out back in January.

I don’t know if any of the antigun bills will be brought up in the Assembly today, tomorrow or at all.  They’re not following their usual pattern.  They go into session at 3:30pm and it’s broadcast live off their website.

News of the day

We’ve had Gun Control Day in the state legislature for years.  Now the idea is spreading outside New York.

Ontario County legislators go on the record in opposition to  gun control legislation in Albany.  Coverage in the Messenger Post and Finger Lakes Times.

Profile of an antigunner.

Aileen Gunther kicks off her re-election campaign next week.

The Greene Rod & Gun Club gets a bag of money from the NRA.