Carrying while intoxicated

Mayor Bloomberg and Sen. Jeff Klein will be holding a press conference this morning to announce the introduction of a new law to prohibit carrying while drunk.

This is a total non-issue.

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Gun shows back in Westchester

Andy Spano is gone and gun shows are back at the County Center!  First show is set for June 19 & 20 on the main level.  Get a flyer from

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How to win elections

Great quote in a Daily News story about next week’s special elections:

“… Fewer than 4,300 voters turned out for last year’s special election for the Assembly seat in western Queens’ 38th District. Democrat Mike Miller won the race with just 2,423 votes.”

This in Assembly districts which have ~125,000 people.

It’s all about leverage and knowing when to use it (like now) to turnout a small activist base in a critical election.  That is how we will take back our rights across the state.  Using the ratings sheet and show up to vote on the 9th.

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News of the day

The entire Suffolk Co. FNRA committee has resigned en masse.  I’m not involved with FNRA so I don’t know how it all works, but it appears to involve disputes over how the NRA Foundation operates these committees and how grant monies are allocated.

In a follow-up to the Ostego Co. legislature stating their opposition to gun control back in December, one of the four legislators who voted against the resolution sent in a LTE to the Daily Star.

Toy gun nonsense S-118A has been Reported in the Senate.

The DEC has come up with a 10-year plan for pheasant management.

The CNY Sportsman’s Show is this weekend in Oneida .

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Candidate ratings posted

Candidate ratings for next Tuesday’s special elections in Assembly Districts 3 (Suffolk), 15 (Nassau), 24 (Queens) and 89 (Westchester) are now available on the NYSRPA homepage.

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Obama keeps Tiahrt Amendment

Obama has kept the Tiahrt Amendment in his FY 2011 budget plan.  Paul Helmke is not happy about it:

“… We are disappointed that President Obama has failed again to propose repeal of the Tiahrt Amendment as he promised during his campaign …”

Does it look as if he cares one iota what you think of him Paul?

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News of the day

The state GOP has pretty much given up on finding a charismatic, high-quality candidate to be the top of the ticket this fall.  Instead, they’re going with Rick Lazio.

The NRA gave $1000 to Rep. Scott Murphy (D-20).

So-called “gun buyback” this past weekend on Long Island results in 173 guns surrendered.  Common sense surrendered as well.

Marty Markowitz plans on honoring a NYAGV activist and, of course, the Daily News, loves it.

NYAGV is also holding a fundraiser in Troy next month almost right across the street from NYSRPA HQ.

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Schumer below 50%

Chuck Schumer’s approval rating has dipped below 50%.  His approval in NYC is only 51%.

He doesn’t have a formal Republican opponent yet.  Maybe this will motivate them to put up a serious candidate against him this fall.  Wonder if Scott Brown has any relatives in the state.

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Suffolk Co. handgun rule changes

This just arrived in my inbox from SASI:

(As of 1/20/10)
(Note) For the purpose of target shooting and hunting, licensees are authorized to meet for the purpose of car pooling and to stop for nonalcoholic refreshments on the way to and from their shooting destination. You are authorized to do this only during the period upon leaving your residence and arriving at your shooting destination or during the return trip. You are not authorized to take your firearm to your workplace, a diner, restaurant or any other location used exclusively for alcohol consumption. You are not authorized to conduct any other non-target shooting or hunting activity while in possession of your handgun.

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Forget something?

Pete Grannis gave testimony before a joint Senate Finance/Assembly Ways & Means meeting last Tuesday on budget recommendations for the DEC.  In 17 pages, the word hunting is used only once on page 9 as part of public land use.  Nothing is said about the few billion dollars in economic value hunting provides to the state or about it’s benefits as part of sound wildlife management practices.

I wonder if that had anything to do with his years in the legislature being the prime sponsor of bills to ban all hunting as cruelty to animals.

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