Upcoming .50 matches

Preliminary dates for NCSA/NYSRPA .50 cal matches at Fort Drum are scheduled for July 9-11  and October 8-10.  Marc got some good giveaways for attendees lat year so they’re worth going to if you’re into that sort of shooting.

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News of the day

The Democrats took one step closer to tossing Paterson overboard:

“A meeting of Democratic leaders from more than a dozen upstate New York counties shows a continuing rift within the party over whether Gov. David Paterson should end his election bid.  No vote was taken in Saturday’s private meeting that excluded the state party’s leadership. Rockland County Democratic Chairman Vincent Monte says there was overwhelming support at the meeting for Andrew Cuomo, the attorney general who hasn’t said whether he will run for governor …”

They have to make a decision soon.  I can’t see this being put off for much longer.

The Buffalo News on self-defense in Niagara Co., “Homeowners confront intruders with gunfire.”

The Times Herald-Record talks with Wallkill gunsmith John Blauvelt about smithing and some politics.  He’s a good man.

Bill Hilts reports last year was a record breaking year for hunter safety in New York.

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Christensen retires

Assemblywoman Joan Christensen announced she’s not running for re-election this fall.  This might be an opportunity for a pro-gun pickup by either party.

One of the possible candidates, Onondaga Co. Legislator Sam Roberts, clearly isn’t pro-gun.  Here’s a resolution he sponsored in ’03 essentially calling for nationwide adoption of New York-style gun control laws.

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Collins takes a pass

Erie Co. Exec. Chris Collins has decided to pass on running for Governor this year.  No big deal.

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35 stupid people

Newsday is a crap, leftist rag from Long Island.  They worship at the feet of Carolyn McCarthy and love to promote her agenda at every opportunity.  A few months back they decided to start charging people to view their website.  Not a little either, $260 per year.  They actually thought people would pay that much to have their intelligence insulted on a daily basis.

So, how’s it been working out for them?

According to the Observer, only 35 people have signed up to pay for access.  They grossed $9K after spending $4M on redesigning their website.


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Pro-gun purity test for GOP

At least some in the Republican Party have learned from Scott Brown’s upset win in Massachusetts.  According to the Times:

“One of the top items of business for the Republican National Committee … is to pass a so-called “purity” resolution being put forth by some of its more conservative members. The resolution, named after former President Reagan, would require that Republican candidates agree on at least eight listed conservative positions – ranging from gun control to gay marriage to financing for abortion – or face a cut-off of party money and support …”

Good. This is exactly what is needed to flush out the Rockefeller RINOs.

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Howard Wolfson joins Bloomberg administration

Democrat functionary Howard Wolfson will be joining Mayor Mike’s administration as a senior adviser.  According to the Times:

“… [he] will assume the newly created position of counselor to the mayor, focusing on communications and policy … A person close to the mayor said Mr. Wolfson would play “a key role in developing policies and lead in selling them.” He is likely to focus on promoting national issues like gun control and immigration reform, a priority for Mr. Bloomberg …”

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Draft Kudlow?

A possible opponent for Charles Schumer, CNBC reporter Larry Kudlow?

The site is run by GOP functionary Michael Caputo.

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Falls man shoots burglar

From the January 21 Buffalo News, “Falls man shoots burglar, Falls police say“:

“A 52-year-old city man shot a 22-year-old man in the chest Wednesday evening, but police said he is not expected to be charged after investigators learned he was likely defending himself from a burglar. The younger man, Parrish C. Spencer Jr., of Falls Street, broke the window of a side door and kicked in the door about 5:30 p.m. to get inside the two-story home of Willie J. Carson in the 500 block of 25th Street, police said. After Spencer got inside and went upstairs, Carson shot him, police said …”

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Lobby day aftermath #3

Even more press from Jan. 12:

  • Poughkeepsie Journal, “Gun owners fire first shot at awareness rally

    “… I’ve been in and out of Albany now for nearly 30 years. I’ve attended dozens of rallies, meetings and conferences associated with sport hunting and fishing, conservation and environmental issues, as well as guns, gun ownership and the Second Amendment. I do not recollect at any time during those years seeing 2,000 sportsmen and women crammed into the confines of “The Well” of the LOB …”

  • Star-Gazette, “Outdoorsmen bring concerns to Albany

    “… As many as 2,000 sportsmen and women showed up at the Legislative Office Building in Albany, according to estimates of those who were on hand. It was a great opportunity to show lawmakers that people who hunt and fish are passionate about their traditions and Second Amendment rights. It’s an important message to get across, especially with lawmakers who didn’t grow up with that heritage, [Assemblyman Tom] O’Mara said. “We had members from across the aisle who were down checking out the expo and talking to people. So hopefully it doesn’t fall completely on deaf ears,” he said. “When you get to the New York City contingent it gets difficult. They live in a completely different world than we do.” …”

  • Press Republican, “Sportsmen rally in Albany

    “… “I’m amazed by the number of people who have shown up here today,” said local Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward, who is part of the Sportsmen’s Caucus of legislators. “I’ve seen some of the folks from the Democrat conference here circling around today. So, I think this can be very beneficial and I hope that we can do something like this here every year.” …”

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