Wayne in the Well

Wayne LaPierre’s speech from Jan. 12 in the Well of the Legislative Office Building.  Behind him are Nancy Calhoun, Marc Butler,  David Towsend and George Amedore.

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Bloomberg’s State of the City

Excerpts from Mayor Mike’s State of the City address:

“… This year, we’ll continue finding new ways to target high-crime areas, illegal guns, domestic batterers. as well as the repeat low-level offenders who threaten our quality of life. We’ve come so far in creating the safest big City in the nation, and we aren’t going to let anything or anyone stop our progress …”

“… We’ll start by conducting a detailed assessment of all city, state, and federal funding for youth services and we’ll work to connect the people and organizations that are tackling these issues so we can better coordinate our efforts. After all, the New Yorkers in groups like Million Moms Against Gun Violence want the same thing as the cop on the beat and the social worker and by bringing these groups and other groups closer together, we believe we can make a real difference …”

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Susan John not running again

Assemblywoman Susan John announced she will not be running for re-election.  Good.  This may be an opportunity for a pro-gun pickup.

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Scott Brown wins in MA

Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat and in doing so humiliates Obama, Democrats and the Brady Campaign who endorsed opponent Martha Coakley.

Oh, yes, it’s a Sunshine Day!

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Laugh at Paul Helmke

The Brady’s may have given Obama an F, but Obama gave them an FU! HA!

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Budget follies

Gov. Paterson’s budget proposal calls for $134 billion in spending, up 0.6% from last year.  This is what passes for fiscal responsibility in New York.  I don’t see anything about increasing pistol license fees or scrapping COBIS.

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Awesome fictional firearms

16 Awesome Fictional Firearms.  How could they have left off the BFG?

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Lobby day aftermath #2

Still more media coverage from last week:

Plus an op-ed on how RACC tries to score some political points against Assemblywoman Addie Russell in the Watertown Daily Times, “The RACC and forth about Russell’s record.

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Who are these people?

There’s a new Sienna poll out that shows George Pataki with a 55-34% approval rating.  According to The Hill:

“… Pataki, the former two-term [typo: three-term] governor of the Empire State, would beat incumbent Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D) by 13 points if the election were held today, and maintains a larger, 22-point lead over former Rep. Harold Ford (D-Tenn.), who’s mulling a run for the New York Senate seat …”

My question is, who are these 55% of the people with warm feelings for Pataki?  He was terrible.  He wrecked the economy and the state Republican party and drove thousands of people and countless businesses out of the state.  Who out there is actually saying they’re craving more of G. Elmer?

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Nobody loves the Brady’s

Nobody loves the Brady’s, least of all the Obama administration.  According to The Hill:

“President Barack Obama received a failing grade from the a gun control advocacy group on Monday …”

Does it look as if he cares what they think?

“… “This year they ran away from the issue, and actually signed two repeals of good gun legislation.”  Those changes, which would allow guns in national parks and on Amtrak trains, were attached as amendments to larger pieces of legislation the president generally supported …”

Nope.  Is that likely to change anytime soon?

“… [Paul] Helmke said the Obama administration hadn’t yet reached out to the gun control group, and that he doesn’t expect the White House to do so anytime soon …”

So, the biggest socialist/statist in American history wants nothing to with their anti-freedom agenda?  That says a lot about how unpopular gun control really is.

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