More Bloomberg bucks

Mayor Mike is spreading some money around in Indianapolis as well as Virginia:

“Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy received a $25,000 contribution Thursday from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “I am very pleased to receive the support of Mayor Bloomberg,” said Kennedy. “Mayor Bloomberg started Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns, a bi-partisan group of mayors across the nation who are working together to get illegal guns out of the hands of criminals. I am willing to take a stance on this tough issue with a reasonable approach that 600 other mayors support as well. Mayor Ballard’s refusal to sign on with this nationwide bi-partisan group of Mayors to go after illegal guns in the hands of criminals is disappointing.”” …

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2 thoughts on “More Bloomberg bucks

  1. Bloomberg’s MAIG members have better than 4X the conviction rate of CCW holders. I think he is trying to regulate the wrong people.

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