Free bumperstickers

Free bumperstickers from Carolyn McCarthy’s campaign:

H/T: Say Uncle.

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One thought on “Free bumperstickers

  1. Her campaign website is exclusively obsessed with pushing gun control, but it says, “Making a Difference for Long Island Families”. With the economy and jobs situation as miserable as they are, families on Long Island have more important things to worry about than Carolyn McCarthy’s pet peeve. Hopefully, the results of the election will reflect the more urgent concerns that people in her district have. It’s politicians like McCarthy who can’t focus on the real issues that have gotten this country into the mess that it’s in.
    Long Islanders need competent political representation, not a narrow-minded, ignorant whack job bent on a personal agenda. McCarthy has used her office for her own ends. It’s time that the job was handled by someone who had the broader interests of the people in mind.

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