State legislators brief filed

ILA reports on a brief filed by 900+ state legislators from around the county in support of incorporation.  Only two from New York signed on, Assemblywomen Ginny Fields (D-5) and Teresa Sayward (R-113).

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State Association’s brief filed

A brief supporting incorporation in the McDonald v. Chicago has been filed by 40 of 50 State Associations including NYSRPA, TSRA, etc.

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A little early for this predicition

John Gizzi at Human Events opines, “McCarthy On the Ropes?“:

“… Along with being a national voice for gun control, [Carolyn] McCarthy is also a dedicated liberal (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 22%) on most other issues. The last time area Republicans made a serious effort at unseating her was in 2002, when physician Marilyn O’Grady drew 45% of the vote against McCarthy. But the outlook could change dramatically next year, as both conservative activists and GOP regulars are growing increasingly enthusiastic about the candidacy of visiting Hofstra University assistant law professor Frank Scaturro …”

Party hacks being enthused means nothing.  Let’s see some evidence the general public is excited about this guy.

“… “What issues will I run on? Everything!” Scaturro told me during a recent lunch in Washington. “Whether it’s [McCarthy’s] vote for the Obama stimulus package or healthcare with public option or her support for cap and trade, I’m not only presenting an opposite point of view but a positive alternative.” …”

Everything?  Does that include guns?  Put up or shut up.

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Congressional support for McDonald v. Chicago

ILA reports that 251 Congressmen and 58 Senators have signed onto a brief in favor of 2nd Amendment incorporation to the states in the McDonald v. Chicago gun ban case.  Local reps. include:

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You certainly don’t need guns to protect yourself

According to Mayor Mike:

… “In New York City, you certainly don’t need guns to protect yourself,” he says …

Guess he doesn’t read the Post:

“The seething straphanger who slashed a subway rider to death in front of petrified passengers was unprovoked and belligerent from the moment he stepped on the train, witnesses and authorities said yesterday … riders were stuck in the car with the killer … until the train pulled into the Seventh Avenue station minutes later …”

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Follow the bouncing Ball

Greg Ball has apparently decided to switch gears and run for State Senate next year.  I don’t know if that means incumbent Vinnie Leibell is retiring or if there will be a GOP primary for party backing.  Leibell backed a primary challenger to Ball last year so it would not surprise me if it turns out to be the later.

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Good news, bad news on Rudy

Mayor Rudy refuses to go away.  It’s not helping that the NY GOP is so bankrupt they keep his name in circulation rather than cultivate a new generation of political leaders.

The latest news is that he’s not interested in running for Governor next year.  That’s good.  Now it is being reported he’s considering a run for Senate against Kirsten Gillibrand instead and there is a new Marist poll that shows he’d beat her.  The only good thing about that is it would keep the equally detestable George Pataki out of the race.

New York desperately needs new political leadership, Republicans and Democrats.  Right now that seems unlikely.

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Aiming for Liberty

Dave Kopel has a new gun control book coming out next month, “Aiming for Liberty: The Past, Present, And Future of Freedom and Self-Defense.” Since he sent me a free advanced copy I’m going to plug it.  Kopel is the research director for the Independence Institute and has done a lot of research on gun control, some with my friend Paul Gallant who was involved in grassroots pro-gun activities in Rockland Co. in the 90s.  The book mentions that some of the material included was originally co-authored with Paul.

The book arrived in today’s mail so I haven’t read it yet.  It’s 182 pages and broken down as follows:

  • The Heller Case
  • Gun Control and Discrimination
  • The Anti-Gun Agenda
  • Some Deceptions and Errors Used to Promote Anti-Gun Laws
  • Religious Perspectives on Freedom from the Ancient World
  • Religious Perspectives on Freedom from the West
  • Schools and Children
  • International Freedom
  • Law Enforcement Abuses and Solutions
  • Culture
  • American Heroes

It can be pre-ordered online and SAF is planning a “book bomb” on December 4 in support of it.

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Cuomo-Duffy 2010?

It’s hardly a secret that Andrew Cuomo is considering a run for Governor next year, possibly setting up a primary between him and Paterson.  An interesting name surfaced as a possible running mate for Cuomo, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.  I can’t recall ever hearing his named mentioned as someone looking to move to higher office.

He wouldn’t add anything to the ticket for our side as he isn’t pro-gun.  He joined MAIG awhile back and has promoted some of their issues, although not like Utica Mayor David Roefaro has of late.

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Actually, that would solve the problem

The Catskill Daily Mail reports on Rep. Murphy’s roadshow:

“Keeping a campaign promise and honoring Veteran’s Week, U.S. Congressman Scott Murphy made a whistle stop tour of the mountains and valley last week … 2nd Amendment Rights were addressed … “I’m a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms,” Murphy responded, while acknowledging the issue is complex. “There are a lot of responsible gun owners and gun dealers out there. This breaks down to a rural and urban issue. It is a different experience for those of us living in rural areas. Changing the law won’t necessarily change the problem,” the Congressman said …”

Yes, it would solve the problem as John Lott pointed out in his aptly titled book, More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws.  Change the law so more people have more guns and there will be less crime and we’ll all be better off.

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