Bloomberg: Lose some, win some

Bloomberg’s mayors group lost a supporter when Village of Walton Hills, Ohio Mayor Marlene Anielski dropped out of the coalition after realizing it was a gun control group, not an anti-crime effort.

However, he might get a replacement in the form of Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian.  It is my understanding Jerry Jennings has been lobbying for him to join up with MAIG.

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Special election in AD-38

Governor Paterson called for a special election to be held on September 15 in Assembly District 38 in Queens.  The candidates are Mike Miller (D) and Donna Marie Caltabiano (R).  It’s about a 3-1 Democrat district and would be an uphill battle for the GOP to take it.

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Richard Aborn on renewable pistol licenses

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Business owner will not be charged

Gus will not be charged for shooting the thugs.  He legally owned the shotgun.  Darn good shooting, too.  Took out all four with three shots and didn’t even get out of his chair.

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News of the day

Some more on yesterday’s shooting by a businessman in Harlem from the Daily News and New York Times.

The 2nd Circuit Court ruled in favor of a Bronx gun shop owner who claimed her constitutional rights were violated in a search and seizure of her store following a post-9/11 security crackdown by the NYPD.

A Mount Vernon City Council candidate had his gun confiscated after police found him passed out drunk with his rosco sticking out.

Hunting licenses go on sale Monday.

Upcoming shooting events in the Southern Tier.

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Business owner takes out 4 thugs

Armed Citizen in Harlem via the New York Times:

“A 72-year-old Harlem business owner used a shotgun to blast four men who tried to rob his restaurant-supply business Thursday afternoon, killing two and sending two others to the hospital with gunshot wounds … The police said that the four would-be robbers entered the business and announced that they were robbing it. One of them took out a Glock 9-mm pistol and started to pistol-whip a 33-year-old employee inside the store. The owner then took out a shotgun and opened fire, striking the four men … The police said they did not believe the shotgun — a Winchester 12-gauge pump shotgun with a pistol grip handle — had been registered, as city law requires. The police also recovered the pistol used by the would-be robber. Calls about the shooting began coming in at 3:09 p.m. One man died at the scene and a second, who was taken to at St. Luke’s Hospital at 3:22 p.m., later died of his injuries. A third man injured in the shooting walked into St. Luke’s — which is about 12 blocks to the south of the business, in the Morningside Heights section of Manhattan — with gunshot injuries. The fourth man was found nearby with gunshot wounds, the police said …”

NY1 has additional video coverage of this story.

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Antis out and about

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence was at Astoria Park during National Night Out Against Crime last week handing out “literature on keeping Astoria safe.”  They also painted a mural in Crown Heights with Karim Camara.

Eric Schneiderman held a town hall meeting last week to talk about  many issues including “gun control (one of his favorite subjects).

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McCarthy robocalls for Aborn

Carolyn McCarthy is doing robocalls for Richard Aborn.

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Getting to know David Yassky

David Yassky’s latest campaign commerical:

“… I worked with Chuck Schumer to pass the Brady Law and the assault weapons ban …”

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Microstamping FAIL

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that California’s microstamping law has problems and might not kick in as planned on January 1, 2010.

No problem for New York, though.  The current version A-6468B/S-6005 would go into effect January 1, 2011 no matter what.

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