Cuomo’s paranoia

More evidence from Fred Dicker that gunnies are getting under Governor Cuomo’s (thin) skin:

“… Utica area Assemblywoman Claudia Tenney found “the paranoia level surprisingly high’’ during a breakfast visit last month to Cuomo at the Governor’s Mansion.  Tenney, part of a group of Assembly Republicans hosted by the governor as budget negotiations were wrapping up, brought along a cap bearing the logo of the Remington Arms Co., the embattled company in her district that is in danger of closing because of Cuomo’s severely restrictive new gun law.  “She had another assemblyman take her picture wearing the cap at the entrance to the Mansion, because she planned show it to the workers at Remington,’’ said a witness to the events.  But once inside the Mansion, Tenney, a lawyer and mother of a 21-year-old Marine, was surrounded by a number of nervous Cuomo aides including Larry Schwartz, the governor’s secretary, who feared she’d defiantly put on the cap during Cuomo’s remarks.  “Larry put his hand on Claudia’s arm and said, ‘Are you going to wear that during the breakfast because if you are, we’re going to have to ask you to leave’,’’ said the witness …”

Must reiterate what I told the Times more than two months ago:

“… “The more people see about this, the angrier they are getting,” said Jacob J. Rieper, the vice president of legislative and political affairs for the Rifle and Pistol Association … “The bottom line is none of these people thought this through, and it’s starting to stink,” Mr. Rieper said …”

Cuomo was all smiles back in January.  Now he’s looking more and more like a cornered rat.

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