Browning wants to challenge Zeldin

Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning announced her intention to run against Congressman Lee Zeldin next year.

She’s high up on my list of detestable politicos for her years-long efforts to permanently close the Trap & Skeet range.  Several attempts to oust her from the legislature failed as she is firmly entrenched in her district.

There are several other announced Democrat challengers, but none I’m aware of who are as antigun as her.

Hunting works, this won’t

The NSSF has a new program called Hunting Work$ which they are bringing to New York.

WICZ reports:

“… A newly formed group called “Hunting Works For New York” is spreading the word about the economic impact the outdoors sport has on the state and local counties.  “We have people who come from other parts of the state who know this is a great place to hunt,” says Brendan O’Bryan, Manager of Government Relations with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair of Hunting Works For New York … “They spend a lot of money,” says Larry Steiner, Co-Chair of Hunting Works For New York … The organization says hunting is not often recognized as the revenue machine that it is, and they aim to educate the public on what money can be made from the sport …”

That is all well and good, but the reason the state legislature is not much interested in hunting is because the aforementioned revenue stream does not include money from stakeholders going to politicians in the form of campaign contributions.  Are they going to address this?

From their website:

“Is it going to be “political?”

Hunting Works For New York is a nonpartisan, nonpolitical organization. Most people from New York are avid hunters and shooters regardless of political party identification.

What specifically is the organization going to be doing and involved in?

Hunting Works For New York partners have a story to tell about the important economic chain involving the hunting and shooting sports. Hunting specifically supports thousands of jobs, both rural and urban, across the state of New York, and our goal is to provide a unified voice for all of these stakeholders. The Hunting Works For New York partnership will monitor public policy decisions and weigh in on hunting-related issues that impact New York jobs. Hunting Works For New York will serve as a vehicle to facilitate important public policy dialogue and to tell the story of how our hunting heritage positively affects conservation and jobs throughout the state.

No, they’re not.

The state has functioned on the time-honored tradition of Cash is King since before my great-grandparents were born.  Albany is not about to change because (yet another) group thinks they are going to have a rational discussion of the issues with politicians and influence their public policy decisions simply by presenting them with the facts.

Hunting Works is a nice idea that is unlikely to accomplish it’s mission.

Getting ugly

The battle for Westchester County Executive between Rob Astorino and George Latimer is getting ugly.  The campaigns are calling each other names: Astorino is a crook while Latimer is a tax cheat.

This is the most important race for 2A in the state this year, with gun shows being a hot topic which came up again during Tuesdays debate:

“… The two disagreed over allowing gun shows at the county-owned Westchester County Center. Astorino, who vetoed a bill that would’ve banned such shows, said Latimer was demonizing law-abiding gun owners. Latimer said gun shows sent the wrong message about Westchester values the same way hosting a pornography show might …”

As State of Politics points out, the outcome of this race has broader political implications:

“… But in the suburbs, bellwethers of New York’s political sentiment, two hotly contested races are underway for county executive that could shape 2018’s electoral landscape for the state. In Westchester County, Democratic state Sen. George Latimer is challenging Republican incumbent Rob Astorino, the 2014 GOP candidate for governor who is believed to be considering a second run against Gov. Andrew Cuomo next year … Both suburban New York City counties — traditional havens for Republican votes — have become more Democratic in recent years. But Republicans have hung on in the county executive posts, underscoring the low Democratic turnout in odd numbered years and the GOP’s drumbeat of a key local suburban issue: Property taxes … “If Rob Astorino were to lose that election, that would be seismic,” said Morgan Hook of SKDKnickerbocker …”

There are only a handful of New York Republicans who both are supportive of 2A and who I believe have the potential for greater things and Astorino is one of them.  It is important for gun owners to support him even if he ultimately decides against another gubernatorial bid.

Why the antigunners fail

Politicos put on a dog-and-pony show in Union Square yesterday calling for more gun control:

This is why the antigun agenda is mostly dead around the country except, of course, for a few places like New York.

It’s just the same tired, old bunch of professional politicians and activists talking to each other in an echo chamber. They’re not changing anyone’s mind. None of the City politicians are going to support bills like H.R.38 so why hold a rally there? Politicians don’t much care about protests outside their district regardless of the issue. Is Tom Reed going to pull his sponsorship from the bill because Scott Stringer is barking in the streets 400 miles from the district he represents? No.

The reason Union Square was chosen is because gun control advocates can’t generate any significant turnout elsewhere. People simply will not show up. Congressional Republicans need to recognize this and call B.S. on Maloney, Cy Vance, and the rest of the phonies and move the NRA’s agenda through Congress over their objections.

Weinstein’s money trail leads to Vance

Harvey Weinstein is a Hollywood media mogul and money man for many big name, far left Democrat politicans.  He’s got a long time hatred of the NRA:

“… Weinstein … has announced a project called The Senator’s Wife, starring Meryl Streep (of course). He describes it as “the new Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” which is definitely not a comparison that will be impossible to live up to, and says the film will recount the way the N.R.A. used political influence to defeat a gun control bill …”

Harv’s gotten himself into trouble over sexual harassment allegations and decided to try and deflect attention away from him and onto the NRA:

“… I am going to need a place to channel that anger, so I’ve decided that I’m going to give the NRA my full attention. I hope Wayne LaPierre will enjoy his retirement party …”

What so special about this?

According to the International Business Times:

“Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s lawyer delivered $10,000 to Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. in 2015, in the months after Vance’s office decided not to prosecute Weinstein over sexual assault allegations …”

And this according to the Daily News:

“… Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance dipped into his campaign funds to pay for a video opposing a federal bill that would allow for out-of-staters to carry concealed weapons in the city. The video featuring Vance and a host of New York anti-gun, law enforcement, community and business advocates speaks out against the federal Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act …”

Always follow the money.

Cuomo v. Reed, Tenney

Gov. Cuomo tries to exploit atrocity for political gain:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week ripped Congress and the White House for their inaction on gun-control measures, touting New York’s SAFE Act as a “sensible” policy that should serve as a model for action … “I believe when they write the history books, they’re going to say, ‘New York got it right,'” Cuomo said. “And the Congress, there was overwhelming cowardice, and apathy, not to take on the issue because of political reprisal, in the face of total common sense.” …”

Rep. Tom Reed called him on it:

“… “It is disappointing that Andrew Cuomo would politicize the tragedy in Las Vegas to promote himself and blame Republicans,” Reed, a Corning Republican, said in a statement issued by his campaign. “After this horrific event it’s time to come together as Americans to support one another. As authorities work to determine a motive for the heinous crime, we should follow the example of the Las Vegas community and unify around the victims, first responders, and their families.” …”

Rep. Claudia Tenney also called B.S. on antigun exploitation efforts:

“… Tenney said the shooting was not an example of the need for more restrictive gun laws. “Tragically, the man who committed this mass murder was evil and no law or regulation would have stopped him from carrying out this heinous and evil act,” she said. “I reject efforts to exploit the actions of one evil or deranged person to restrict the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners.” …”

Draft of bump-stock ban bill

Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy and Senator Andrew Lanza plan to introduce legislation prohibiting bump-stocks in New York.

Here is the bill draft (pdf).

The state legislature is in recess and will be back in regular session probably on January 8.  There might be a special session called in December to deal with other issues, but I don’t believe this would be on the agenda.

Good/bad on DC gun law appeal

The District of Columbia will not appeal a ruling striking down “may issue” pistol licensing:

“District of Columbia officials said Thursday they won’t appeal a court ruling striking down a portion of the city’s gun laws … A divided three-judge federal appeals court panel ruled in July that a portion of the city’s gun regulations infringed on residents’ Second Amendment rights. That portion required people to show “good reason to fear injury” or another “proper reason” to carry a handgun …”

This is good news/bad news for gun owners, especially New Yorkers.

The good news is D.C. must think they would lose a SCOTUS appeal.  If that were to happen it would open the door to new legal challenges in places like New York which have similar licensing schemes in place.

The bad news is by not appealing the case, decisions in the circuit court upholding discretionary licensing remain binding in those states including New York.

Long term, this action will likely be beneficial because eventually SCOTUS will have to take up the issue.  How long will we have to wait before that happens is the question.

Molinaro considering gubernatorial run

Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro said on his Facebook page that he is considering running for Governor next year.

Not exactly a surprise considering his name has been floated before.

He has a supportive 2A record and appears to have done a decent job as DC Exec. If he does run gun owners can get behind him.

NYC ain’t gun free now

From the NYC Chapter of Moms Demand Action:

Moms Demand Action NYC

And the antis wonder why they are not being taken seriously by Congress.

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