Support the Con Con

There will be a question on the November ballot asking whether or not the state should hold a constitutional convention.  If approved there would be future votes on choosing delegates then actual changes to the constitution.

Looking at it from strictly a 2A perspective, I don’t believe there is much to get out of a Con Con:

  • For antigunners, there’s no real need.  The legislature can pass gun control bills at will.  The Governor just does not want more of it right now.
  • For pro-gunners, it’s doubtful we would get anything through.  I could see a creatively crafted re-wording of the pistol licensing law prohibiting discrimination that would make the state “shall issue”, but would it pass the voters?  Probably not.

With 2A off the table, the benefits of a Con Con to gun owners would be indirect.  I can see these items proposed and passed:

  • Term limits.  Far too many old farts have been around for 30+ years.  Albany needs new blood.
  • Fair redistricting.  Districts look as if someone sneezed on a map.  Doing it fairly would wipe out the Republicans, but that is going to happen anyway.
  • End to fusion ballots.

These would make elections much more competitive thereby giving gun owners more clout and that is what we sorely need in Albany.

Who is opposing the Con Con?  The bulk of the money is coming from unions and lawyers.  They’re not antigun per se, but are largely responsible for the culture of cronyism and corruption.  If their power is diminished that is a good thing.

Vote Yes on the Con Con.

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