Noam Bramson ad

Noam Bramson is running for Westchester County Executive this fall.  In his first television ad, he mentions gun control in a very warm and fuzzy way:

What he doesn’t mention is that he’s tight with NYAGV, is a member of MAIG and accepted campaign cash in the past from Mayor Bloomberg.

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SAFE legal update

Some more paperwork has been filed by our side in response to the State’s response to the initial filing:

Both sides are next due in court on September 12.

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Want more of this

Unhappiness with the SAFE Act and the role Senate Republicans played in passing it continues to reverberate as the Post Star reports:

“… Rob Arrigo and Elaine Gerber are challenging incumbent state Republican Committee members Todd Kusnierz and Shirley Needham in a rare contested race on Sept. 10 for committee representation of the northeastern Saratoga County municipalities in the 113th Assembly District.  “It’s (state Republican Committee) dysfunctional because nobody is willing to challenge the status quo,” Arrigo said … Arrigo said Saratoga County needs a stronger voice on constitutional issues, such as the SAFE Act, the gun control legislation that was enacted in January.  “Unfortunately the SAFE Act was passed not just with Democrats, but it was passed largely because (state Sen. Majority Leader) Dean Skelos, R-Long Island, allowed a vote on the SAFE Act in the New York State Senate,” he said. “That is unacceptable, and we want to go and hold those elected officials accountable.  And the best place to do that is on the state committee.” …”

Good for them.  More people need to do stuff like this in both parties.

“… Ronald Jackson, regional vice chairman of the state Republican Committee, said it is good to see people interested in serving on the state Committee … But Jackson, who also is the Essex County Republican chairman, said he disagrees with the contention the Republican Committee and Skelos are not conservative enough.  Skelos’ majority hinges on support of independent Democrats who caucus with Republicans, Jackson said.  “So there’s no way he could have stopped it (the SAFE Act), even if he wanted to,” Jackson said …”

Bullshit.  Skelos and establishment Republicans have willingly become Cuomo’s butt monkeys because they are more concerned about preserving their (dwindling) little fiefdoms and being praised by far-left media outlets than in advancing an alternative, freedom-orientated agenda.  All that ass-kissing has gotten them is less Republicans holding public office.  Why in the world is this fool trying to defend a strategy which has been proven to be self-destructive?

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Senator Marchione’s amicus brief

Senator Kathy Marchione has filed an amicus curiae in support of the NYSRPA lawsuit against the SAFE Act.

Both parties are next due in court on September 12.

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Gun control push in Binghamton

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan (who is a member of MAIG) joined in on this weeks nationwide push for gun control.

I have not seen any indication that OFA’s action this week has had even the slightest effect in moving the agenda.

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Antis openly oppose self-defense

Ladd Everitt and the gang at CSGV openly oppose self-defense with a gun. In their new PSA, they deliberately distort facts about the Trayvon Martin case to advance their agenda:

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New York is Open for Business

Fresh on the heels of Kahr abandoning plans for a new plant in Orange Co. and moving across the river comes news that Remington is looking into moving to Tennessee:

“One of the nation’s largest gun manufacturers, Remington Arms, has looked at sites around Nashville for a potential corporate relocation or expansion that would likely include hundreds of manufacturing jobs … Remington is among a growing number of gun manufacturers nationwide that have been courted by states pitching themselves as more gun-friendly … Remington’s roughly 1,200-employee plant in Ilion makes rifles such as the Bushmaster semiautomatic weapon, which is now banned under New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, the first law passed by any state post-Newtown … People familiar with Remington’s exploration of sites said the company looked around the Nashville area as recently as within the past month …”

Guess they didn’t get the word from the Governor that New York is Open for Business.

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Gun control push this week

The antis are having another push for their agenda this week.

Mayor Bloomberg kicks things off this morning with a dog-and-pony show claiming the “Largest seizure of illegal guns in New York City history.”  On Wednesday, Obama’s Organizing for Action will hold a national “action day” on gun control.  This will be supported locally with a rally on Staten Island.

I don’t see this accomplishing much of anything except stroking Bloomberg’s ego.  There isn’t any evidence that the public is more interested in the issue now than they were several months ago when the issue tanked in Congress.

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Learning from Cuomo

Chris Christie apparently learned a lot from Andrew Cuomo’s mistakes.  He vetoed several gun control bills yesterday.

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Finger Lakes protest

Following up on my previous post, there was another Cuomo protest during his visit to the Finger Lakes region this week:

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