Gun control push in Binghamton

Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan (who is a member of MAIG) joined in on this weeks nationwide push for gun control.

I have not seen any indication that OFA’s action this week has had even the slightest effect in moving the agenda.

3 thoughts on “Gun control push in Binghamton

  1. I might agree with universal background checks, but the other side is so duplicitous and disingenuous that I will just knee jerk oppose anything they want (we all know where their goal post is). If they want universal background checks, then give us something in return. Put an end to dealer records of purchases. It cannot always just be us giving something up and getting nothing. I believe those records are unconstitutional anyway, because they defeat the purpose of a militia to respond to tyranny. The tyrants will immediately access those records. As an aside, reading thru Heller, it appears to me that the Miller decision (ref. on p50 in Heller) clearly did define the “type of weapon at issue” protected by the 2A ie that the weapon be “any part of the ordinary military equipment or that its use could contribute to the common defense”. It appears to me that Justice Scalia either did not fully appreciate this, or that he did not want to (which would not be a good thing for us). The implication being that not only is an AR legal, but so would an M16 with selective fire semi and 3 rnd burst because it is ordinary military equipment issued to everybody including the cooks and mechanics (I AM NOT A LAWYER, SO DO NOT GO OUT AND OBTAIN POSSESION OF ONE – YOU WILL BE ARRESTED AND IT WILL SUCK! – this is just a thought from a guy who is not a lawyer and just a big mouth).

  2. OK, I am reading on (Heller) and a little bit later, Justice Scalia almost comes around to saying what I said, and actually mentions an M16! Its taking me a long time to read it (I am a dummy, not a constitutional lawyer, but I try). He also says something to address what the downstate commies always come up with when I argue with them. They say that the 2A is useless because of the power of the modern military. Justice Scalia acknowledges that, but basically, the 2A is our law, and we are a nation of laws. There is hope if we can get it there (SCOTUS) while the court still has its present composition. If just one of the 5 real justices is replaced by a commie shill by the time we get there, forget it. FIGHT ON!

  3. Is it me or was there NOT any anti gun supporters there.Usually the camera pans over to the large crowd.The only thing the camera does here is show the four politicians twice and some citizens over on the street corner who could care less.Just more Astroturf.

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