Bowman v. Latimer

City & State has a good story, “Who’s endorsing Jamaal Bowman and George Latimer?

CD-16 has a heavy Democrat enrollment advantage and the winner of the party primary will likely walk through the general election.

Just because both Bowman and Latimer stink on 2A does not mean there isn’t opportunity to influence the election and make our voices heard.

These are the choices:

  • Support Latimer. If he wins he has to give up the Westchester County Executive seat giving us a roll of the dice on the open seat.
  • Support Bowman. Make an example out of Latimer for bringing up gun control before an election.

I believe the former is the better course of action, but I could get behind the later.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is not an option. If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.

What’s on the table

Westchester County Executive George Latimer announced his intention to primary incumbent Jamaal Bowman for the Democrat nomination for CD-16.

The district is not considered competitive so whomever wins the Democrat primary will likely walk away with the general election.

Both Latimer and Bowman are bad on 2A. Which is worse is debatable.

That being said, 2A supporters should back Latimer in the primary. The district is represented right now by a gun control advocate. That won’t change after the election. However, if Latimer wins the primary he would have to give up his job as County Executive giving us an opportunity to get a better candidate into that office. That is what is on the table for the ’24 election in the district.

Vote for Astorino in the GOP primary

There is a Republican gubernatorial primary next Tuesday. Two of the candidates have public records on 2A, two do not. This is how they break down on the issues:

Based upon their record, both Astorino and Zeldin can be labeled as pro-gun.  However, Astorino demonstrated a willingness to stand up for gun rights when it was not necessarily politically advantageous for him to do so.  That makes him the best choice for 2A activists.  Republicans should vote for Astorino in the June 28 primary.


Thursday’s Newsbits:





Westchester gun labels bill passes

The Westchester Board of Legislators unanimously passed on Monday Local Law 2022-159, requiring warning labels to be posted wherever firearms are sold in the county.

“… The labels would warn that access to a firearm in the home significantly increases the risk of suicide, homicide, and death during domestic disputes as well as the risk of accidental deaths of children or others. It also includes contact information for the County’s Crisis Prevention and Response Team and the National Suicide Hotline. Besides being displayed at retailers, the warning would also be given to people seeking gun licenses in Westchester …”

This virtue signaling won’t accomplish anything.

Westchester license fee update

I have been told that Nader Sayegh is also opposed to the Westchester “home rule” bill A-7939/S-6659.

County Executive George Latimer and Captain Frank Donovan in the firearms licensing department are the ones still pushing it.

People need to get on Assembly bill sponsor Steve Otis’s case and get him to lay off on the bill as well as Sandy Galef who I do not believe has articulated a position on it yet.

Westchester license fee update

I have been told that the “home rule” bill allowing Westchester to set their own firearms license fees, A-7939/S-6659, will come to the floor for a vote and will pass, but both Tom Abinanti and Amy Paulin will vote against it.

Normally if a “home rule” bill doesn’t have the support of electeds from the county it won’t come up, but this is what I have been told is the deal right now.

Gun store warning signs bill introduced in Westchester

Bill 2022-159, Amending the Laws of Westchester County by adding a new Chapter 529 in relation to the posting of notices warning of the dangers of weapons or firearms, has been introduced to the Public Safety Committee.

Westchester license fee update

A home rule request to increase pistol license fees has been included in Westchester County’s wish list from the state. No dollar amount has been set, but it would be reasonable to assume they’ll go for a few hundred dollars.

The state bill in question is A-7939/S-6659.

Westchester residents call Latimer & Friends

Westchester residents need to call Latimer and their state reps. to block state legislation allowing the country to raise pistol license fees. One person is pushing for it, Captain Frank Donovan in the pistol licensing department.

Especially call Abinanti. He will be in a primary in June.