Walter advocates gun control for Westchester

The Yonkers Times reports:

Ruth Walter, the Democrat running for Westchester County Legislature in the 15th District, has unveiled her plan to address gun violence in Westchester … Walter has proposed two specific plans to help keep Westchester residents safe from the threat of gun violence. Similar to laws adopted in New York City and Suffolk County, Walter said that, as a county legislator, she will advocate for the creation of a gun offender registry in Westchester County … Walter said she also supports New York State’s Red Flag Law, which provides a critical resource to remove guns from people who are a threat to themselves and others. As a legislator, Walter said she will work to implement a “Red Flag mandatory notification” policy so that anyone who is a victim of domestic violence or reports domestic violence is given information about the law and how to petition the courts to remove guns …”

Walter is a zealot.  This is why local elections are important.

“… Usually, the issue of gun safety and violence does not come up in county legislative races. However, in this race, Walter has been able to contrast her views with that of her opponent, Republican County Legislator Gordon Burrows. Burrows accepted the endorsement of the Westchester County Firearms Owners Association in his elections in 2013 and 2015. According to Walter, the WCFOA is a local, NRA-like pro-gun organization that opposes common-sense gun laws, including opposing banning gun shows at the county-owned Convention Center even though such shows included neo-Nazi and confederate paraphernalia. Burrows voted against banning gun shows at the Westchester County Center in 2017 and 2018 …”

Scott, Mario and the guys at WCFOA do a great job with limited resources.

“… The race between Walter and Burrows is a rematch of their 2017 contest, in which Burrows won, becoming one of the few republicans to win in Westchester during a “blue wave” of democratic progressive turnout. The question in this race, and in the several other notable county board races coming Nov. 5, is: Can Walter and democrats encourage and excite their majority base of county democrats to come out during an election year in which there is no race for county executive, governor or president …”

Antigunners have never been able to turn out a voting block around their issues and the most immediate and noticeable effect of this blue wave was tax increases. Hopefully this will help Burrows.

2A advocates in Yonkers and Bronxville should support Burrows for re-election.

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Browning wants to challenge Zeldin

Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning announced her intention to run against Congressman Lee Zeldin next year.

She’s high up on my list of detestable politicos for her years-long efforts to permanently close the Trap & Skeet range.  Several attempts to oust her from the legislature failed as she is firmly entrenched in her district.

There are several other announced Democrat challengers, but none I’m aware of who are as antigun as her.

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Air gun bill defeated

IR-1916 passed out of committee on a 4-0 vote, but was defeated yesterday by the full county legislature 6-12.

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Air gun bill

Patricia Eddington may be long gone from the Assembly, but her husband Jack is keeping the antigun dream alive in the Suffolk county legislature.  He has introduced IR-1916 restricting the use of air guns.

The Sachem, NY Patch reports:

“… The main thrust of this legislation is to identify air guns and rifles as weapons and prohibit the discharge of any air gun within 150 feet of any residence in Suffolk County … the bill defines an air gun as any rifle, pistol, or shot gun which discharges .20 caliber or greater pellets propelled by compressed air or gas at a muzzle velocity of 700 feet per second or greater …”

This ignores the fact that most air guns are .177.  Jack’s level of dumb is in line with Pat’s previous comments about heat-seeking .50 caliber rounds, though:

“… David Foltmann, the owner of Cobra Airguns in Ronkonkoma … disputes that the only reason this legislation is currently before the legislature is due to a vendetta one of his neighbors has against him resulting from neighborhood politics.  He told Patch the anonymous neighbor has frequently called the police and the legislature arguing that Cobra Airguns has people test firing their rifles endangering local school children.  He confidently asserts that this is a fabrication and said, “that if this were the case there would be numerous complaints from many other neighbors.” …”

In other words, this is a total non-issue.

“… Eddington said the towns of Babylon, Huntington, Smithtown and Brookhaven along with the villages of Patchogue, Southampton, Babylon, and Port Jefferson have enacted legislation regulating the use of air guns … “In some cases, the discharge of these guns is absolutely restricted within the bounds of the town or village,” Eddington added. “In other cases, a parameter is given. For instance, in the Village of Southampton you cannot discharge any gun within 500 feet of any dwelling or building occupied by a person as a dwelling …”

That is statewide EnCon law and it relates to firearms, not air guns.

This is very typical for the antis.  There is no real public support for this law, but one or two cranks make noise to the right people and presto, bills like this appear.

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