S-2361 amended

S-2361A, Categorizes hate crimes as serious offenses in relation to possession of firearms, has been amended and resubmitted to Codes. Companion A-6263 has not been synced yet.

From the Justification statement:

“New York has seen an alarming rise in hate crimes since the candidacy of President Trump …”

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S-7065, Requires a purchaser of any firearm, rifle or shotgun to submit to a mental health evaluation, has been the topic of various alert notices floating around recently.

It now has a companion, A-1589A which is currently in Codes.

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WNY gun shop owner stands out at Virginia rally

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Kaminsky endorses Bloomberg

Newsday reports:

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky, a Long Beach Democrat, has endorsed Mike Bloomberg for president, citing the former New York City mayor’s work to combat climate change, pass gun control and help rebuild lower Manhattan in the aftermath of 9/11 …”

Blah, blah, blah …

“… Asked about Bloomberg’s longtime financial support of State Senate Republicans to help keep them in power during his mayoralty, Kaminsky said: “I don’t really know the facts of what happened in the past,” but said there was corruption in both parties and said that Bloomberg probably felt he was doing what’s best for his constituents …”

Nobody believes this.

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Legislative Update

Legislative update:

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Can’t Buy Me Love

Politico reports:

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has brought on more than 700 staffers spread out across 33 states, with a growing number of organizers joining his ranks in states that vote on Super Tuesday, aides told POLITICO. All told, the former New York mayor’s operation totals more than 1,000 people, a figure that includes hundreds of staffers who work out of his Manhattan headquarters. The unprecedented scale and scope of the campaign — he has also spent over $200 million on TV ads — gives Bloomberg a massive footprint in states that hold their primaries on March 3 or later …”

That’s a lot of money. He must be surging in the polls, right?

His Real Clear Polling average for January 3rd through 14th is 6.6%. Compare this to Joe Biden at 27.2%, Bernie Sanders at 19.2% and Elizabeth Warren at 16.0%.

His record as Mayor does not appear to be helping him with Democrats.  I have seen his ads running in the NYC media market.  Why?  After 12 years in office everyone knows who he is.  They obviously don’t think he the man for the job.

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Senate floor calendar

The following gun bills are on the Senate floor calendar:

  • S-35, makes state law consistent with NYC law regarding “imitation weapons” and toy guns.
  • S-2415, expands the definition of an “imitation weapon” to include an attachment to an electronic device.

And so it begins.

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:




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Gun design could derail charges

There is an interesting article in the Times, “Design of AR-15 Could Derail Charges Tied to Popular Rifle“, which could impact Gov. Cuomo’s “ghost guns” crap:

“A subtle design feature of the AR-15 rifle has raised a technical legal question that is derailing cases against people who are charged with illegally buying and selling the gun’s parts or building the weapon. At issue is whether a key piece of one of America’s most popular firearms meets the definition of a gun that prosecutors have long relied on. For decades, the federal government has treated a mechanism called the lower receiver as the essential piece of the semiautomatic rifle … But some defense attorneys have recently argued that the part alone does not meet the definition in the law. Federal law enforcement officials … are increasingly worried that it could hinder some criminal prosecutions and undermine firearms regulations nationwide … Cases involving lower receivers represent a small fraction of the thousands of federal gun charges filed each year. But the loophole has allowed some people accused of illegally selling or possessing the parts, including convicted felons, to escape prosecution. The issue also complicates efforts to address so-called ghost guns, which are largely untraceable because they are assembled from parts …”

I can see how the NYC prohibition law passed last fall could be subject to legal challenge based upon this article.  Not just black rifles, but Glock clones as well.

Nevertheless I’m not so naive as to think the Governor really cares about things like this.  He just wants to get his name and face before the camera signing some more gun control legislation.  If it gets knocked out by the courts sometime down the road, so what?

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Getting a woody



How long before the Governor proposes banning trees?

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