S-2422A amended

Bill S-2422A has been amended and resubmitted to Consumer Protection. The bill pertains to reporting requires for gun manufactures.

From the Justification Statement:

Currently there are no federal rules or laws requiring that firearms manufacturers report how many firearms they make and sell. The lack of recorded data has left discrepancies in the accuracy of the statistics available. Many companies report weapons production in one year, and then disappear from the ATF data record as if they had ceased operations, only to reappear in later years. Having a statistical understanding with regards to how many firearms are lawfully produced and lawfully sold in the state of New York will result in an increased awareness of how many firearms are entering the state every year and how many are being distributed to licensed dealers and private sellers.

“Though New York has some of the strongest gun laws in the nation, those who can’t legally purchase guns in the state based on age or criminal background often turn to the black market … Nearly 70 percent of the 8,439 firearms recovered in New York in 2013 came from out of state, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Many of them were acquired legally in Southern states with looser gun laws and smuggled north through the I-95 corridor, known as the ‘iron pipeline.” (Albany Times Union, 7/14/15). This legislation will empower New York law enforcement to determine whether all of the firearms manufactured by a particular company are actually sold through legal channels. The danger posed to our citizens in the event that any number of such firearms are legally manufactured and not legally sold or distributed (and therefore adding to black market inventory) is painfully obvious.

Currently there is no companion in the Assembly.

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Yudelson to primary challenge Bronson

The D&C reports that Assemblyman Harry Bronson is facing a Democrat primary challenger next year:

Alex Yudelson, the chief of staff for Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren, is seeking the Assembly seat now held by fellow Democrat Harry Bronson. On Monday evening, Yudelson, 27, announced his campaign for the 138th Assembly district, which includes Henrietta, Chili, and portions of Rochester …”

His connection to the Mayor gives his campaign a degree of credibility.

What is position on 2A?

“… In the Obama administration, according to his news release, Yudelson worked with professional sports leagues and athletes to support Obama’s agenda; helped develop gun violence prevention and criminal justice initiatives; and worked on the Affordable Care Act and a campaign to prevent sexual assault on college campuses …”

Plus this:

Clearly not supportive, but light on specifics.

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Tuesday’s Newsbits:

Armed Citizen:





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Farkas and Fine also hot on gun control

David Buchwald isn’t the only CD-17 candidate who supports gun control as the River Journal reports:

“The field continues to widen for the soon-to-be open congressional seat in NY-17, a district encompassing Rockland County and parts of Westchester County. Dr. Evelyn Farkas, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama, and Allison Fine, the former chairwoman of the national board of National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) Pro Choice America Foundation, announced their campaigns in November. They are competing for the Democratic nomination in the election for the seat held by Rep. Nita Lowey, who recently announced she will retire next year … Fine said, “I am running for Congress because our country is broken in some fundamental ways … our children are hiding beneath their desks because of rampant gun violence …” … “My top priority in Congress is to defend our Democracy from foreign interference and from a President intent on undermining the rule of law and eroding our values, so that the next generation has the opportunity to succeed,” said Farkas. “ … We must enact common sense gun reforms and do better by our children …” …”

Farkas has this statement on her campaign website:

I believe defending our country means preventing domestic and international terrorism and preventing gun violence.

And offers up this on Twitter:

Fine does not currently have a 2A position statement on her campaign website, but did say this on Twitter:

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Buchwald keeps up the antigun endorsements

David Buchwald keeps up with the gun control push in hopes of obtaining the Democrat endorsement for next year’s open CD-17 race:

“Assemblyman David Buchwald (D-White Plains) has been endorsed by Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni, securing the first county-wide endorsement of the race in New York’s 17th Congressional District … “I am excited to endorse David Buchwald as he runs for Congress,” Idoni said in a statement. “Throughout his career, David has worked hard to build relationships across the community and has been a leader we could count on at the state level to fight to … pass laws to reduce gun violence … He’s the advocate we need in Congress.” … “I am proud to have County Clerk Idoni’s support,” Buchwald said … “… I am running for Congress to fight for an end to gun violence … and advocate for our Democratic values.” …”

Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 in the district.  Realistically the only way for gun owners to have an impact is in a Democrat primary with anyone but Buchwald being the preferred choice.

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It’s Nerf or Nothin’

Every year around this time a bunch of nanny-state busybodies try to suck the joy out of the holidays by releasing a list of toys they believe should not be sold to children.

This year is no exception:

“The Empire State Consumer Project has written a letter to the Hasbro board of directors, calling for them to remove assault-style toy weapons from their product line … The Nerf Ultra One and other nerf machine guns are the target of a letter from the Empire State Consumer Project. Director Carol Chittenden says the toys set a bad example for children. “It’s a matter of this being a very vulnerable consumer group. Children buy what they see and we’re not sure this is driven by market demand for assault weapon toys by children or the industry creating the demand,” said Carol Chittenden, director of the Empire State Consumer Project …”

The Nerf Ultra One looks kinda like a Pancor Jackhammer with a 25 round drum mag.  It’s fucking awesome.

“… Mary Lagana has seen the Hasbro commercial and agrees it is misleading. “It’s a little family sitting around looking at gifts and then grandma comes through and she has one of these big weapon kinds of things,” said Mary Lou Lagana, a Fairport resident … other shoppers think nerf guns like the nerf ultra one are too violent for children. “Actually kinda shocking to see that whole kinda round of bullets like on the gun itself. I would definitely not buy it wouldn’t recommend it. I think there are so many other toys and images that we could be introducing our kids to,” said Lisa Lagana, a Rochester resident. “There’s too much violence in our world, especially gun violence in the United States. So it’s not a good thing to set a precedent when your a kid of a gun like that,” said Debbie Cutter, a Canadaguia resident …”

I pity any small children who are related to these women.  They’re getting itchy socks for Christmas.

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No chance

At least four incumbent Republican State Senators have announced plans either not to run for re-election or run for a different office next year creating multiple open seats. They would not be doing this if they believed they had a shot at retaking the majority after the ’20 elections.

This is why gun owners must be involved with Democrat party politics. It’s either do that or be totally frozen out the legislative process in Albany.

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Attorneys in Gun Rights Supreme Court Case

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Friday’s Newsbits:





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Bloomberg announces his gun control agenda

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