Cuomo’s “ghost guns” proposal

The writing on the wall for this has been apparent for almost a year so this comes as no surprise:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Thursday said he will propose banning the sale of untraceable “ghost gun” components in New York to individuals who can’t legally possess a firearm. The governor’s proposal, the 18th that he has announced in advance of next week’s State of the State address, would also limit the sale of major gun components, including receivers, to licensed gun dealers … Cuomo is calling for legislation that would require those purchasing firearm parts to have the same eligibility requirements as they would need for a completed firearm and that all major parts receive a serial number. He is also proposing to ban individuals from obtaining major components of a firearm, rifle or shotgun online, but they could be shipped to a licensed gun dealer where they would be picked up in person. The proposal would also prohibit individuals who are prohibited from possessing a firearm, rifle or shotgun from owning a major gun component, creating misdemeanor and felony offenses for those who violate that measure …”

Of course it will be bad, but we’ll have to wait for the bill to be introduced to see what exactly he wants as there are multiple proposals floating around.

“… State Sen. Brad Hoylman, D-Manhattan, has already sponsored a bill that would make it a felony for anyone other than a licensed gunsmith to assemble a firearm …”

Hoylman has two bills S-2143A, which was just amended today, and S-6230. The version that passed last year (with NRA-endorsed Republican support) and was signed by the Governor was A-763/S-1414A.  The bill that Everytown lobbyists were promoting last fall was S-6716.

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Wednesday’s Newsbits:




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Gun control laws going into effect in January

The Lockport Journal reports:

“… New York will soon criminalize weapons that are undetectable by an X-ray machine or metal detector. The law taking effect Jan. 27 prohibits the manufacture, sale, transport and possession of undetectable firearms, rifles and shotguns as well as their major components. Another new law will set statewide standards for gun buyback programs across New York. Many municipalities and groups already host programs aimed at allowing people to get rid of unwanted or illegal guns. But supporters of the new law say the programs do not occur everywhere and lack consistent standards …”

Bills in question are A-763/S-1414 and A-2685/S-2449.

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Put a GPS tracker in firearms

Assemblyman Felix Ortiz introduced A-8931 to Consumer Affairs.

From the bill text:

“Any person who holds a valid gunsmith license pursuant to Section 400.00 of the Penal Law, and who manufacturers any firearm, shall ensure that each manufactured firearm shall include global positioning technology to allow such firearm to be tracked if stolen.”

I’ve read a lot of stupid shit in bills over the years but this is near the top of the list.

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Compare and Contrast

In a Texas a man armed with a rifle entered a church with intent to kill and was taken down by an armed citizen.

In New York a man armed with a machete entered a rabbi’s home, encountered no resistance, and stabbed five people.

What was the reaction by our politicians?

Governor Cuomo sent out a press statement condemning the recent series of antisemitic attacks in New York which isn’t worth the paper it was printed on.

Several state representatives called for the National Guard to patrol Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in the City.

As far as I can tell not a single one has come out in support of repealing our oppressive gun control laws. One, however, did try to use the Texas incident as an excuse for more gun control:

Republicans didn’t have the brains or the balls to stand up for 2A:

Neither did NRA:

There is a bright side, though:

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Friday’s Newsbits:





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S-7064 & S-7065

It is usual for there to be 200+ gun control bills in Albany so I am not surprised when a new batch are (re)introduced year after year.

However, it is clear the Governor and legislature are looking to enact more gun control in 2020 and I have the feeling they are looking for something different so they can again claim they are the most “progressive” on the issue.

S-7064, Prohibits persons named on the No Fly List maintained by the Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation from obtaining or renewing a license to carry, possess, repair and dispose of firearms, and S-7065, Requires a purchaser of any firearm, rifle or shotgun to submit to a mental health evaluation and provide the seller with his or her approval to purchase such firearm, were just pre-filed for the ’20 session.  They are reloads from previous years.  I don’t know if the legislature will move them, but they do fit the bill of what I believe politicos are looking for.

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Wayne County RES 512-19

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors recently passed RES 512-19 which calls upon the state legislature to makes changes to the so-called SAFE Act with respect to requiring all firearms seizures be done with a court order and that any person who has their firearms seized has the right to know the name of the accuser making claims which the court order is based upon.

This sounds reasonable and because of that the legislature won’t do it.

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Tish James’ 2019 Year in Review

Attorney General Tish James released a self-aggrandizing 2019 Year in Review report highlighting how wonderful she is. It’s 61 pages long and lists “accomplishments” such as “Combating Gun Violence”:

Gun violence is a public health epidemic in New York and across the nation. Every loss of life and injury from gun violence is a devastating reminder of our shared responsibility to face this crisis head on and to support the communities that have suffered from its effects. Attorney General James is committed to catching criminals who traffic illegal weapons onto our streets, and holding them accountable. She has taken legal action to protect states’ rights to enact common sense gun safety regulations, including leading a multistate coalition to protect New York’s right to implement these critical measures, which is currently being heard by the United States Supreme Court. She has also partnered with law enforcement agencies across the state to host gun buyback programs and get illegal guns out of our communities. She will continue to pursue every avenue available to reduce gun violence in New York.

And “Stopping the Sale of Ghost Guns”:

The New York Attorney General’s Office was the first law enforcement agency in the nation to charge people for selling so-called ghost guns, or guns that are manufactured from parts sold over the Internet. These guns do not have serial numbers, so they are untraceable by law enforcement. Continuing on these enforcement efforts, in September 2019, Attorney General James directed 16 websites to cease and desist selling nearly complete assault weapons to consumers in New York. Attorney General James will continue to go after those that skirt the law to manufacture illegal and deadly assault weapons.

All of this is a set up for a future run either for Governor or Senate some time down the road.

Unfortunately I suspect next year’s report will include successful legal action taken against the NRA.

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2019 Everytown & BradyPAC donations

As 2019 comes to a close, it is time to look back and see where the gun control money has been flowing to our Congressional delegation.



As far as a I know the only two looking at Democrat party primaries next year are Nadler and Maloney.

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