Antigun Albany agenda

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence sent out a solicitation regarding their Albany legislative agenda.

It includes the following bills:

  • A-4917A/S-4598A, Enacts the “School Anti-Violence Education Act”; creates a school anti-violence education program; establishes a school anti-violence education fund.
  • A-6665/S-6537, Decreases the frequency of lock-down drills in schools; directs that such drills shall be implemented with a trauma-informed approach; permits parents to opt their children out of such drills.
  • A-7302/S-2364A, Establishes an “Operation SNUG” program within the division of criminal justice services which provides grant awards to reduce, prevent or respond to gun violence.
  • A-7517A/S-6980A, Requires the dissemination of written materials regarding child access prevention and the safe storage of firearms to students and/or persons in a parental relationship to such students at the beginning of each semester or quarter of the regular school year beginning on and after July 1, 2024.
  • S-8479, Requires issuers of credit and debit cards to use certain merchant category codes for firearm and ammunition dealers. No companion.