Herkimer Co. opposes gun bills

The Herkimer County legislature passed a resolution in opposition to antigun legislation in Albany.  From the Evening Times, “HC Legislature wants to protect its interests“:

“The Herkimer County Legislature, hoping to protect its interests on a range of issues, passed several resolutions Wednesday in opposition of state legislation. Legislators by a 13-0 margin voted to urge state lawmakers to take action on initiatives related to everything from silencers on sniper rifles to audits on Medicaid … Urging the state legislature to oppose the passage of 2010 gun control laws: The state legislature is planning passage of gun control laws that, in addition to placing new restrictions on sale of firearms, could impact gun manufacturers, according to the resolution. Chairman Raymond Smith, R-Dolgeville, said the proposed bills would also outlaw manufacturing of firearm “suppressers,” or silencers, in New York state. And this restriction could harm the Remington Arms plant in Ilion, he added. Remington Arms, which is one of the largest employers in Herkimer County, is involved in manufacturing firearms for the U.S. military. The plant, among other projects, is competitive for contracts to produce sniper rifles, and the inability to manufacture silencers for the rifles could cause problems, county officials said …”

David Koon kills his own bills

David Koon just killed a bunch of his own bills.  The enacting clause has been stricken from the following:

  • A-2881, redefines definition of AP ammo
  • A-2884, prohibits the sale of guns at a gun show located on public property
  • A-2914, expands COBIS
  • A-3346, prohibits “Saturday night specials”
  • A-4441, mandatory “smart guns”
  • A-6030, expands COBIS

It’s worth noting that Koon expressed interest in running for Congress in Eric Massa’s old seat.

8 House seats in play

Real Clear Politics reports on House seats in play for November.

Likely Democrat:

Leans Democrat:


Leans Republicans:

Notes from Bloombergland

W.Va. to Bloomberg: Nanny this:

“… New York City has sent out undercover investigators to catch gun dealers violating background check laws. But West Virginia lawmakers want to make it a crime for investigators to conduct such sting operations in West Virginia. The Legislature passed a measure Saturday that targets anyone who tries to entice a firearms dealer or private seller under circumstances that the individual knows is unlawful. The bill addresses a tactic employed by New York during stings conducted last year at seven guns shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada …”

New York City First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator Frederico Gebauer Joins Kroll As Managing Director:

Kroll, the world’s leading risk consulting company, announced today that Frederico Gebauer, formerly First Deputy Criminal Justice Coordinator for the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York, has joined the firm’s Business Intelligence and Investigations practice as a managing director in its New York office. Gebauer will supervise a wide variety of assignments including corporate investigations, fraud and detection, due diligence and regulatory issues …  He helped conceive and direct Mayor Bloomberg’s national campaign against illegal guns, including the creation of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” a bi-partisan coalition of over 340 mayors, and the development of the nation’s first gun offender registration statute. He also helped develop and oversee innovative litigation against corrupt gun dealers in five other states …”

Mayor’s gal: I’m not running:

“Diana Taylor, the longtime girlfriend of Mayor Bloomberg and a former state government official, said yesterday she won’t challenge Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in the election … She met with National Republican Senatorial Committee staffers within the past 10 days to discuss the possibility, and hadn’t closed the door on it, multiple sources said …”

News of the day

Maggie Brooks will not be running for Congress.

Former Congressman Joe DioGuardi will announce he’s running against Kirsten Gillibrand.  Some Republicans are trying to get Mayor Mike’s girlfriend into the race as well.

Doug Hoffman returns.  GOA gave him a good bit of money for his run last year.

Gary Bullis announced his intention to run for Assembly in District 115.  He is an NRA and NYSRPA member, past President of the Herkimer County Conservation Alliance and 1st VP of the New York State Outdoorsman Hall of Fame.

Several pro-gun resolutions are on the agenda for the Niagara Co. legislature’s meeting set for March 16 @ 7:00pm:

  • IL-013-10 calling on the legislature to reject renewable pistol license bills A-801/S-1598
  • IL-014-10 calling on the legislature to reject semi-auto prohibition bills A-6157, A-6294/S-4084
  • IL-015-10 calling on the legislature to reject A-1275/S-1712 defining gun shows

The Rensselaer Co. legislature also has a resolution pending opposing the antis agenda in Albany, P/132/10.

Legislative Report #20

Legislative Report #20 is now online.

Told you so

Feb. 16 press release, “New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Opposes Extension of Albany County Gun Buyback Program“:

“… Handgun buyback programs have never been shown to have a significant effect on crime. The handguns turned in are typically old and, in some cases, inoperable …”

Liberal media response from WRGB, “Critics of gun buy back called ‘ludicrous‘”:

“… An angry Pastor Charlie said the Association doesn’t know what its talking about since he does not take in guns that don’t work …”

Mar. 10 Times Union story, “Anti-violence tool, or just ‘window dressing’?“:

“… A total of 126 handguns were taken in with the previous $20,000, and none of them were found to have been used in a crime, [Albany Co. Sheriff James] Campbell said Tuesday. “Several had the serial number filed off,” he said. Police test-fired all the guns and found no ballistics matches, he said. The guns were eventually destroyed by Albany police. Muller has collected more than 300 guns since the program began three or four years ago, but most were “inoperable junk,” the sheriff said …”

CD-29 candidates

With Eric Massa gone, CD-29 is open.  I don’t know yet if there’s going to be a special election or if the Governor will let it slide until November.  Here’s a possible list of replacements and where they stand on guns:




Durbin v. Schumer

The possibility of Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer resurfaces again the The Politico:

“Democrats are hungry for a hardball strategy against a resurgent Republican Party, and Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin is positioning himself as a leading aggressor — a move that could help him in a potential run for majority leader … Durbin’s newly pugnacious strategy comes as more congressional insiders are whispering about the possibility of a Durbin vs. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) race for Senate majority leader if Nevada Sen. Harry Reid loses reelection …”

Both of Reid’s potential GOP challengers hold double digit leads over him in the latest polls.  He’s in major trouble back home.

“… Democrats on and off Capitol Hill are quietly watching Schumer and Durbin for signs of how they would rule the Senate if they have a chance to become majority leader. During the past several months, Durbin has shown himself to be something of an aggressor … At the same time, Schumer — who has long been viewed as the more aggressive partisan of the two — is building a role as a bipartisan deal maker, something that could be critical should Democrats have a narrower Senate majority or be in the minority next Congress …”

Given I believe the Democrats will get a serious spanking by the voters this fall, I’d say Schumer’s strategy is the better approach.  The full on liberal/socialist/progressive agenda is what the public is upset about and Durban’s in-your-face attitude is not what the Democrats need.

A lack of vision

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. during his State of the Borough Address:

“… “He went a step farther and offered real vision, and some challenging points about what we have to do to stop gun violence … I thought it was powerful,” said Public Advocate Bill de Blasio … “Now Mayor Bloomberg and I, we don’t agree on everything, but if there is one issue that we stand side by side on, is we need strong gun control laws right now,” said Diaz …”

Were you listening to Judge Napolitano?