Why the antis lost

The antis analyze why they lost.  They still do not get it.

“… We waited too long to rally the troops …”

Untrue.  The problem is you have no troops, only astroturf.

“…  We cannot persuade a moderate Republican Senator with Democrat activists alone …”

Possibly true, but you had lots of lamestream media supporting the lie that the public wanted more gun control.

“… We won the 2012 election by targeting, targeting, targeting …”

Obama stayed as far away from gun control as possible during the last election.

“… We rely on the online grassroots and ignore the offline grasstops.  To persuade a member of Congress, we need to couple serious citizen activists with business, religious and community leaders as well as local elected officials who carry personal weight …”

In other words, you want more astroturf, not less.

“…   We didn’t distribute serious talking points to our email subscribers …”

That’s only because you don’t have any serious talking points.  The antis rely on ignorance, incompetence and intimidation.  They have no facts to back up their position which is why neither Cuomo nor Obama wanted to have legislative debate on the bills.

“… Instead of organizing a few major events or protests we delight in encouraging everyone to stage their own, with no cohesive messaging strategy …”

You cannot have major events with only astroturf.

“…  We rely far, far, far, far, far too much on the email petition …”

Possibly true, but likely not relevant due to the obvious astroturf nature of the antigun organizations.

“… When we use email to urge our activists to phone Congress, we send them to the phones with too little background information and no tips on how to lobby Republican staff …”

Possibly true, but also likely not relevant due to astroturf again.  Politicians know the difference between genuine public interest organizations and phony front groups.

“…  Even the best players on our team were curiously inept …”

No, they’re batshit nuts.

“… We encouraged folks from out of state to pile on …”

Irrelevant given that MAIG was only able to generate 4000 calls in support of gun control.

“…  Very few groups bothered to thank the folks that supported us in the losing effort; the right was all over it, they take care to give praise when it is due …”

Irrelevant given that leftist media were slobbering all over the antis who voted.

“… The Tea Party ramped up an effort to lobby House members in the days before the Senate vote.  We didn’t do crap …”

Astroturf cannot do anything but crap.  Plus, the leftist media was going all out for gun control.  What stopped them were real grassroots gunnies and a general public that was not interested in the gun control agenda.


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