Legislative update

This is the last week the state legislature has sessions scheduled and bills are moving:

  • A-2882/S-6649, Requires firearms dealers to post and provide written warnings to purchasers of dangers posed by access to weapons in the home, passed the legislature.
  • A-7717B, Relates to who can be a petitioner for an Extreme Risk Protection Orders, has been Reported. Companion S-8589A on 3rd Reading.
  • A-8333A/S-7802A, Requires the Division of Criminal Justice Services to certify the technological viability of personalized handguns and to establish requirements related to the sale of personalized handguns, have been Reported.
  • A-10356, Directs that statewide resources and information relating to child access prevention and firearm violence prevention and information on county and local specific laws and regulations related to child access prevention and the safe storage of firearms shall be provided to individuals at the time of issuance of a firearm license; directs the commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services to conduct a a public awareness campaign on the safe storage of firearms and child access prevention, has been Reported.  Companion S-9760 introduced to Codes.
  • S-7365B, Requires reasonable controls and procedures to be taken with respect to the sale, manufacturing, importing and marketing of pistol converters, has been amended on 3rd Reading. Out of sync companion A-10053.

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