Legislative update

A-10356A, Relates to the safe storage of firearms and child access prevention, has been amended in Codes. Companion S-9760 introduced to Codes today.

S-138A, Relates to certifying instructors in small arms practice; provides that after December 31, 2026 individuals certified as an instructor in small arms practice shall seek recertification subject to the standards and curriculum promulgated by the Division of Criminal Justice Services, passed the Senate. Companion A-6663A has been Reported.

S-6649, Requires firearms dealers to post and provide written warnings to purchasers of dangers posed by access to weapons in the home, passed the Senate. Companion A-2882 on 3rd Reading since January.

S-7802 Requires the to certify the technological viability of personalized handguns and to establish requirements related to the sale of personalized handguns, has been amended in Finance. Companion A-8333A has been Reported.

S-8589A, Relates to who can be a petitioner for an Extreme Risk Protection Orders, has been amended on 3rd Reading. Companion A-7717B has been Reported.

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