Boycott the Journal News

NYSRPA and WCFOA are calling for a boycott of all Journal News advertisers in light of their decision to publish the list of pistol license holders with a searchable map.

UPDATE: Reuters – Gun groups seek boycott of newspaper that named permit-holders

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Pre-filed expanded AWB bill

S-1422 has been pre-filed for the 2013-14 session by Senator Diaz.  It redefines an “assault weapon” to be any semi-auto or pump rifle which accepts detachable magazines and has one (down from two) evil features or any semi-auto shotgun which has one evil feature like a protruding pistol grip.  The existing grandfather clause is deleted for 10+ round magazines.

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Feinstein’s folly

DiFi has decided to go full retard with her all encompassing gun and magazine prohibition bill.

It will never go anywhere in Congress.  What it will do is seriously piss people off and motivate more to join/donate to gun organizations which in turn further damages the gun control movement.  I view it as a Hail Mary pass and a sign of panic from the antis that they are losing  the gun control argument.

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New TU gun blog

The Times Union is having another go with gun blogs with a new one, Guns, featuring Tom King (NYSRPA/NRA) and Robyn Ringler (NYAGV).

This probably won’t go well.  Ringler used to have a blog their many years and is batshit nuts.  I cannot see her tolerating any discussion which will likely be overwhelmingly dominated by pro-gunners.

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It’s the media

Gun control has been a hot topic of late with big leftist media outlets like the New York Daily News and Journal News beating the drum just about every day for the last couple of weeks.  The good news is, that’s pretty much it.  I have not seen anything resembling a true groundswell of support among the people for the sort of laws being tossed back and forth by the antis and their media allies.  Yes, we’re in for some fights ahead, mostly in Albany, but there are no new players on the game board.

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What goes around comes around

Once again the Journal News has published the list of pistol license holders for the lower Hudson Valley.  I’m not going to link to it.

Predictably, people are pissed.  Under state law, this is public information so there isn’t anything that can be done about it.  However, an inquisitive blogger has taken the time to research information about Journal News staff and posted it to his website.  I’m sure they won’t mind.

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The NRA is the New KKK Response

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Chris Cuomo on the Newtown Shooting

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It Sucked

NRA had a press conference today to address the Newtown murders.

It sucked.

They should have spent a lot more time talking about mental health issues as opposed to arming school personnel.  The culture wars crap, blaming video games and movies, reminded me of Tipper Gore and the PMRC attacking Twisted Sister in the 80s.  Their rhetoric was not helpful for us in New York.

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Don’t Panic

There’s talk that Gov. Cuomo will call for a total semi-auto prohibition bill with no grandfather clause for guns and magazines holding 10+, or even 7+, rounds.

Now is not the time for panic.  While gun control is still being pushed by many in the media, the pushback has already started.  Things are much different for us now than they were 20 years when Clinton pushed his bill through Congress.  We are in a much stronger position in Washington and even Albany, although there is still a lot of work to be done particularly here at home.

Now is the time for everybody to contact their reps. and let them know that more gun control is not the solution, it is the problem.  Join the NYSRPA and support our PAC too.

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