Boycott the Journal News

NYSRPA and WCFOA are calling for a boycott of all Journal News advertisers in light of their decision to publish the list of pistol license holders with a searchable map.

UPDATE: Reuters – Gun groups seek boycott of newspaper that named permit-holders

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3 thoughts on “Boycott the Journal News

  1. I know that the Journal News has a vile hatred for us, and I believe that they were gleefully hoping for a popular uprising, a kind of Kristallnacht, against us once they published our addresses. They deserve the boycott to put them out of business.
    However, I can also see the Journal News publishing our names and addresses as them being little more than messengers. The real issue is that New York State gathers our names and addresses to begin with. That the state then rapes our privacy by making our information public isn’t the basic problem; a mysterious leak of the information by an unknown, anti-rights individual within the state’s bureaucracy to a friend in the leftist media would have the same irreversible, “can’t put the genie back in the bottle” effect – we would be known, and what is known cannot be unknown.
    The basic problem is that we must be on a government list to own our handguns. That is an infringement of our Second Amendment rights, and the Second Amendment specifically prohibits any such infringement. Government should not be allowed to infringe, let alone abrogate, our constitutional rights as Americans with the excuse of, “Your name is not on government list, Comrade“.
    There is no asterisk in the Second Amendment that refers to a footnote that says that our right to bear arms shall not be infringed, but only as long as our names are on a government list. Our right to bear arms as Americans is independent of New York State’s list, and as such, the state should be prohibited from maintaining such lists, which are more appropriate for a police state, than New York State.

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