The end of CoBIS

The legislature just passed budget bill A-9055D/S-6255D which includes abolishing CoBIS.  I expect Governor Cuomo will sign the bill shortly and it will go into effect immediately.

This is a big win for the home team.  I cannot recall when (if ever) New York ever scrapped one of its gun control laws before.

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Money is no object

$340 for a NYC pistol license is constitutional according to a Clinton-appointed district court judge:

… [Judge John Koeltl] says there’s no evidence the fee has stopped anyone from exercising their rights …”

This is why we need to defeat Obama this November.

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Microstamping out of budget

Budget bill A-9055D has been amended and the offending microstamping provisions have been removed.  Abolishing COBIS is still part of it.

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Michelle Schimel uncut

Here is raw footage of NRA News visiting Michelle Schimel in her office this past Tuesday to ask about her microstamping bill. It contains material they didn’t broadcast on NRA News.

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Legislative Report #18

Legislative Report #18 is now online.

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Fidler FAIL

Republican David Storobin appears to have scored an upset win over Democrat Lew Fidler in yesterday special election in SD-27.  This is particularly amusing as there is a roughly a 3-1 Democrat enrollment advantage in the district.  Even more entertaining is the e-mail I receiving from a person in the district saying Fidler’s lackeys did a mailing against Storobin saying that the Tea Party people were opposed to “common sense gun control.”

Like David Weprin, Fidler is a typical Democrat machine candidate who never had serious opposition before and tried coasting on little more than the heavy enrollment advantage.  That, along with his gun control pitch, looks to have failed.

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Meeting Michelle

We had our 3rd annual lobby day yesterday in the LOB.  An estimated 2000-2500 people showed up from across the state.

I talked Ginny Simone into visiting Michelle Schimel’s office.  I told the staffer I had a NRA News crew and they’d like to interview Schimel about her microstamping bill.  Right after I did that about a dozen or so gunnies showed up to complain about it as well.  That probably convinced her to let us in.

Schimel was really mad. She started off by complaining we didn’t make an appointment and ended by saying something about editing the video.   Ginny interviewed her for maybe 10-12 minutes and the whole thing will eventually be on NRA News.

Click on the images for a larger view.

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