Michelle Schimel uncut

Here is raw footage of NRA News visiting Michelle Schimel in her office this past Tuesday to ask about her microstamping bill. It contains material they didn’t broadcast on NRA News.

15 Responses to “Michelle Schimel uncut”

  1. John Greene Says:

    Scary to think about how many people in Albany think this way. We should “give up our civil liberties for the greater good” these are the same people who took an Oath to defend these liberties hopefully the public will catch on and send these elites to the unemployment line in this next election

  2. Wells Farr Says:

    “…those criminals should be damn worried…” Yessir I can tell they’re concerned already.

  3. Pete Noreika Says:

    These people’s “opinions” will never be changed. Our best bet is to outnumber them.

  4. William Mansfield Says:

    What a shame, trying to have a dialogue with this Assemblywoman is like trying to communicate with a blind person by miming. An absoute exerise in futility 🙁

  5. Leonard Greski Says:

    How can we help defeat / remove this bill in the budget!!!! becasue those know that theres not enough support to pass it alone, another back door approach in NY polictics, I am suprised, who votes these people in?

  6. Edward Palmer Says:

    I find her to be extremely defensive and trying desperately trying to sell this garbage! She isn’t telling the whole truth behind her agenda and should be called out on it!

  7. Douglas Mac Says:

    I REFUSE to give up my liberties for the greater good. By EXERCISING my liberties, I help provide FOR the greater good.

  8. scott d. Says:

    i ran against her two years ago and spoke out against micro-stamping. micro-stamping is unproven technology and a fallacy. if you want to a criminal behind bars stop giving them the aclu to defend them. the system needs fixing.

  9. Eric Molinari Says:

    The problem is criminals aren’t going to wait a year or more for a legal ccw permit let alone by a pistol from a gun shop. So this in no way helps against gum crimes. I’m a law abiding citizen who at 11 months is still waiting for my permit to be assigned to a county officer to call my references seriously does she think a criminal is gonna go through all this to use a firearm in a crime when he can get an illegit one on the streets faster.

  10. Scott Diamond Says:

    i actually ran against her two years ago. you cannot convince her micro-stamping is a fraud.

  11. Mark T. Hoops Says:

    Damn that broken import!

  12. Lee Riordan Says:

    To set there and tell people that they have to give up their civil liberties for the greater good is a load of crap!She needs to go back to the hole she crawled out of!All shes going to do is drive ammo and gun prices up and drive businesses out of new york!Theres more to new york state than just new york city!Also I give prop’s to john greene couldn’t have said it better myself!

  13. Tom Dwyer Says:

    yeah all we as law abiding citizens have to do to fight crime is give up some of our liberties isn’t that great I think if you are a politican with a bill that doesn’t get passed on the first try you should just give up some of your first amendment right by never talking about your shity bill ever again

  14. Watertown Sportsmen Inc. Says:

    This woman is crazy!

  15. Hammer Says:

    She said micro stamping is another tool.Just because you have a lot of tools in your toolbox doesnt mean you are a great mechanic.

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