Grassroots v. astroturf

CSGV published a link on their FaceBook group to a story on gay marriage which contains quotes from Senator Roy McDonald where he says he’s trying to do the right thing on the issue and not play politics.

The problem (for the antis) is that unlike supporters of so-called gay marriage, the antigunners don’t actually have any sort of organized grassroots constituency as evidenced by the fact they can not get any people to show up in Albany to lobby for their cause and have to resort to bringing a couple of bus loads of high schools kids up from NYC.  Below is a picture of their group in The Well of the LOB during their lobby day back in April.


This is lack of public support is why the antis are having ever increasing difficulty in moving their agenda through the state legislature.

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Jenkins sentenced

Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins has been sentenced for selling counterfeit sneakers.  He gets a conditional discharge and several thousand dollars in fines.

He is still listed a being a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns in good standing.

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Exploiting Giffords

The antis have been trying for some time to exploit the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  With the release of her first post-shooting portrait, the antis have gone all out hoping to score cheap political points.  Ladd Everitt of CSGV really turned the BS meter up to 11 with this Tweet:

“Her smile is as beautiful as ever.”

Absolutely shameless. If CSGV, Brady, etc. really cared about Giffords then why didn’t they endorse her all those times she was running for re-election?  Where was all their compassion and concern for her before she became a fundraising tool for them?

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Microstamping point/counterpoint

An op-ed by Mayor Bloomberg and AG Eric Schneiderman appears in todays Daily News, “Microstamping saves lives: Senate must resist gun lobby and pass crime-fighting bill“:

“… This should be an easy vote.  Instead, however, lobbyists for the gun industry work the halls of Albany, making specious arguments driven more by a kneejerk opposition to any gun-related legislation rather than by their desire to protect legal gun ownership …”

If it is such an easy vote then why did Shelly have so much trouble getting it to the floor in the Assembly?  He’s been losing votes every time it comes up.  He had to strong arm his caucus this time to get 77 Yeas and didn’t even hold the NYC Democrats together.

Meanwhile on the other end of the state, the Niagara Co. Legislature went on the record opposing microstamping.

Bloomberg is just upset that he hasn’t been able to B.S. and bully his way through the legislature on his pet issue.

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Mayors for Traffic Safety

A new study is out saying traffic accidents kill a lot more New Yorkers than guns do:

“… According to a study by the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, and Transportation Alternatives, more people in New York City have died in traffic accidents than by gun violence in the past 10 years.   The report names speeding as the number one contributing factor for deadly crashes …”

Not surprising.  The question that needs to be asked then is:

“… This prompts the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association to ask: why does Bloomberg spend so much time and so much of his own money harassing firearms dealers and lobbying to restrict the Second Amendment rights of New Yorkers and all Americans?  Why has he tirelessly promoted the junk science of microstamping in Albany?  Why hasn’t he formed Mayors for Traffic Safety?  When will solid public policy initiatives take precedence over his obsession with guns?”

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Why nobody watches MSNBC

Here is why MSNBC’s ratings are in the tank:

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How much worse could he be?

Considering Mayor Bloomberg’s performance, I have to ask how much worse could he be?

Alec Baldwin is mulling a run for mayor of New York City now that kinky Congressman Anthony Weiner appears to have sexted himself out of the 2013 race.  The “30 Rock” star, who has long talked about running for political office, believes Weinergate has shaken up the field of candidates enough that he might have a chance to win, a friend of the actor told The Daily …”

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The San Francisco Chronicle has a story entitled, “Here Are 12 Reasons Why The AOL-Huffington Post Merger Is Going Down In Flames.

Here’s reason #13, “White House Taking ‘Seriously’ Al Qaeda’s Eying Of America’s Gun Show Loophole“:

“The Obama administration says it’s taking “seriously” a statement from an al Qaeda spokesman that instructs sympathizers of the terrorist group to exploit soft spots in U.S. gun laws …”

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Bloomberg’s al Qaeda fraud

Mayor Bloomberg and MAIG are promoting this video through their Fix Gun Checks website which they claim shows an al Qaeda operative encouraging American Muslims to take advantage of our “easily obtainable” firearms and start killing people.

I call fraud on this.  This had to have been made up either by MAIG, Brady, CSGV or some other gun grabber with an agenda.  It’s got all their talking points and ends with the guy smirking at the end of the clip.

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Next weeks legislative agenda

With less than 3 weeks before recess, here is next weeks posted legislative agenda:

Assembly Codes, Tuesday 6/7

  • A-2017A, Includes possession of armor piercing, frangible or  devastator ammunition as criminal possession of a weapon in the 4th degree and where possession is knowingly with intent to use against  another, it shall constitute criminal possession of a weapon in the 3rd degree.

Assembly EnCon, Monday 6/6

  • A-4357A, Allows hunters to use a rifle during open season for deer in  the county of Cortland.
  • A-6055A, Allows hunters to use a rifle during open season for deer  and bear in the county of Chautauqua south of route 20.

Senate Codes, Tuesday 6/7

  • S-1003A, Requires the judge in a criminal proceeding or in a family  court proceeding, upon issuance of an order of protection, to inquire as to the ownership of a firearm by the defendant or respondent.

Senate EnCon, Tuesday 6/7

  • S-5082A, Relates to hunting in the county of Madison.
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