Microstamping point/counterpoint

An op-ed by Mayor Bloomberg and AG Eric Schneiderman appears in todays Daily News, “Microstamping saves lives: Senate must resist gun lobby and pass crime-fighting bill“:

“… This should be an easy vote.  Instead, however, lobbyists for the gun industry work the halls of Albany, making specious arguments driven more by a kneejerk opposition to any gun-related legislation rather than by their desire to protect legal gun ownership …”

If it is such an easy vote then why did Shelly have so much trouble getting it to the floor in the Assembly?  He’s been losing votes every time it comes up.  He had to strong arm his caucus this time to get 77 Yeas and didn’t even hold the NYC Democrats together.

Meanwhile on the other end of the state, the Niagara Co. Legislature went on the record opposing microstamping.

Bloomberg is just upset that he hasn’t been able to B.S. and bully his way through the legislature on his pet issue.

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One thought on “Microstamping point/counterpoint

  1. Microstamping saves lives? Whose lives? Bloomberg, give me the name of one person whose life it saved! Liar!
    Bloomberg is a lying con artist and a swindler who never should have been allowed anywhere near political power.
    Meanwhile, the news today is 5 shot – four wounded and an innocent bystander, a 16-year-old girl killed at Brighton Beach.
    Bloomberg wastes his time raving about the need to abuse every law-abiding gun owner in the state with his nonsensical microstamping scheme while he can’t even run his own city!
    Bloomberg needs to pull his head out of his microstamping ass and get real.
    He’s disarmed the law-abiding citizens of NYC to such an extent that the gangs are running wild in the streets shooting people! He should resign!
    Yet another shooting today in the Daily News: “Bullets fly on crowded Queens subway train as two gangs brawl”
    Bloomberg can’t deal with criminals, but he loves to abuse the law-abiding.
    You’re doing a hell of a job there, Mayor Mike! Get out of my state, you creep! And take your scummy pal Weiner with you!

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