Grassroots v. astroturf

CSGV published a link on their FaceBook group to a story on gay marriage which contains quotes from Senator Roy McDonald where he says he’s trying to do the right thing on the issue and not play politics.

The problem (for the antis) is that unlike supporters of so-called gay marriage, the antigunners don’t actually have any sort of organized grassroots constituency as evidenced by the fact they can not get any people to show up in Albany to lobby for their cause and have to resort to bringing a couple of bus loads of high schools kids up from NYC.  Below is a picture of their group in The Well of the LOB during their lobby day back in April.


This is lack of public support is why the antis are having ever increasing difficulty in moving their agenda through the state legislature.

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One thought on “Grassroots v. astroturf

  1. Politicians who get sick and tired of being pushed around by their constituents, and who then retaliate by voting against their constituents’’ wishes, are arrogant fools who may be voted out of office by constituents who are sick and tired of being pushed around by their arrogant politicians.

    Political office in the US is an elected position, not a birthright. American politicians are not royalty, although they may become so arrogant in office as to adopt that delusion. However, the voters have the last word. Would-be RINOs would do well to remember that. We voters need to do a better job of ensuring that they remember that.

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