Exploiting Giffords

The antis have been trying for some time to exploit the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.  With the release of her first post-shooting portrait, the antis have gone all out hoping to score cheap political points.  Ladd Everitt of CSGV really turned the BS meter up to 11 with this Tweet:

“Her smile is as beautiful as ever.”

Absolutely shameless. If CSGV, Brady, etc. really cared about Giffords then why didn’t they endorse her all those times she was running for re-election?  Where was all their compassion and concern for her before she became a fundraising tool for them?

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One thought on “Exploiting Giffords

  1. As soon as the Dr.’s clear her for lift off you can bet that the new DNC shill Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz will be the first to exploit her (Gifford’s) misfortune. Even Chuck U. Schumer (the guy who never met a camera or microphone he didn’t like) will not exploit Gabby Giffords the way I expect DB-S wiil. She is truly shameless. What is going on down in Florida? First they produce Grayson and now this imbecile?

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