Possible agenda items

Possible agenda items for the upcoming special session:

“… Hochul said Friday she would like to see the state pass specific gun-free zones — schools, places of worship and events over a certain size, and that private places be gun-free unless they note otherwise. She’d like to see further requirements for the storage of a firearm, like in a vehicle, as well as additional permitting requirements, such as increased training prior to being eligible for a permit …”

Would not be surprised to see things like these as well:

Nassau Legislator Josh Lafazan, who is running for Congress, is calling for new measures to ban the concealed carry of handguns on all county properties. This new measure includes parks and beaches, NICE buses, and the campus of Nassau Community CollegeSuffolk County Executive Steve Bellone also announced Saturday a plan he says will strengthen Suffolk’s red flag laws … Bellone wants the state to expand the scope of the state’s red flag law, increase education and increase monitoring on social media.”