Bellone floats run for governor

The Daily News reports:

“As Gov. Cuomo faces growing calls to resign, Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone is taking steps toward a possible gubernatorial run. In recent days, Bellone has been speaking with “some of the top national consultants who are here in New York,” along with “bigtime donors,” said a source close to the Democratic politician …”

Given the number of extremist candidates the Democrats have put up for various state offices recently, Bellone looks like a moderate.

His record on guns:

3/6/13, “Suffolk County Approves Gun Control Bill For Psychiatric Patients

4/18/13, “Suffolk County Will Participate in New York State’s “Gun Violence Awareness Month”

11/19/14, “Lawmakers sustain veto of take-home guns for COs

7/18/15, “A.G. Schneiderman Announces More Than 1,000 Firearms Turned Into Law Enforcement Through Gun Buyback Program“:

“Initiatives like this provide residents an opportunity to dispose of unwanted weapons anonymously, helping to reduce the possibility of such weapons being used in situations of domestic violence, accidental discharge or injury to children and young adults playing with weapons,” said County Executive Steve Bellone. “I thank Attorney General Schneiderman for hosting this gun buyback initiative in Suffolk County.

6/11/18, “Governor Cuomo Kicks Off Bus Tour to Pass Red Flag Gun Protection Bill“:

“Governor Cuomo has consistently shown himself to be a national leader on enacting common sense gun safety measures. This most recent legislation will empower teachers–and allow them to do what they truly want to do–teach. Now is the time to stand to protect our children and end gun violence in New York once and for all, and I will work tirelessly with our local leaders to ensure that this legislation becomes law.”

1/10/19, “Hochul, Parkland Victim’s Mother Push Gun-Control Measures“:

“… Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone introduced Beigel Schulman to the audience, which was filled with town, county and state elected officials, students, and members of Moms Demand Action …”