IR 1001-2021

County Legislator Rudy Sunderman introduced IR 1001-2021, Conducting a study to determine the feasibility of an environmental hazard mitigation plan for lead waste after County-owned recreational shooting ranges close. The bill resides in the Environment, Parks & Agriculture Committee.

On an unrelated note, Sunderman has some interesting ongoing legal problems:

“… Sunderman was indicted on perjury charges in July 2019 for allegedly telling the Suffolk County Board of Ethics falsely that he no longer worked for the Centereach Fire District. Suffolk County legislators are not permitted to hold two paying public jobs at once. Sunderman, who joined the legislature in 2018, created a shell company in his wife’s name so he could continue receiving income from the fire district, prosecutors said … Sunderman’s attorney, Ray Perini, said Saturday that a misdemeanor charge for getting two public paychecks was dismissed because Sunderman did not get a paycheck directly from the fire district … Perini said he has filed a motion to dismiss all charges against Sunderman, which include felony perjury charges. Perini said Sunderman got an ethics lawyer opinion before creating the corporation that said it would not violate the law and testified before the ethics board that he was “making less money” while doing the same work …”

One thought on “IR 1001-2021

  1. How about some details about What that shell company DOES for the money received? WHY does that money that apparently USED to go to sunderman directly now go to his wife?

    And then – we have community property – they are married, income benefitting one benefits BOTH..

    He’s slime, plain and simple – the shell corporation seems clearly created so he could receive pay he shouldn’t…

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