Schneiderman’s gun bust

To much media fanfare, Eric Schneiderman announced a series of gun show stings called “Operation Background Bust” resulted in the arrests of 10 people. Here is video of his press conference:

This whole thing smells of a setup.

First off, when was the last time a State Attorney General put on a full court press for a bunch of misdemeanor appearance tickets? Second is the timing. H.R. 822 will be going to the Senate soon for a vote. This has to be an attempt to derail that bill.

Tom was on The Daily News with Ginny Simone discussing the issue:

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3 thoughts on “Schneiderman’s gun bust

  1. Markie Marxist sez: “It’s just common communist sense to go after our political enemies, those conservative and libertarian, NRA type, gun owners who vote Republican! They are NOT good communists! Nice of AG Schneiderman to ignore our Marxist/warrior/hero/criminal/gangbangers who run around the streets shooting at each other with handguns, and go after ordinary gun owners who go to gun shows to sell their old hunting rifles. Pretty cool of him, huh?”
    “Eric may not be very bright, but he’s a good commie! We might even be able to shut down gun shows completely if we can make enough noise and cause enough confusion! Of course, the percentage of crimes committed with rifles in New York is miniscule, but that’s a good thing, because the real point is to do nothing about real crime, since that helps us to bring down capitalist America. Instead, our anti-American agenda is focused on destroying any sense of justice in the US as long as America remains a capitalist country, by going after non-criminals over trumped up and contrived nonsense. If they tend to be patriotic Americans, so much the better! Targeting our political enemies and destroying their lives in the bargain, those NRA types, for their doing little more than exercising a constitutional right that we don’t like anyway, is very helpful to our agenda. We ‘liberals’ are such nice people, aren’t we? Ha! Ha! All your right to keep and bear arms are belong to us! And you don’t have any as far as we’re concerned! Ha! Ha! Our friends the ‘occupiers’ get to break the law and go scot-free, while our enemies get the third degree merely for selling their unwanted, constitutionally protected rifles. Do we Marxists own this country or what? We do as we please! Ha! Ha! The law is like putty in our hands! Ask my commie compadre, AG Eric Schneiderman, though I understand that he’s going to be lying low for a while due to public outrage. The public will get over it. We’ve raped their gun rights a thousand times before in New York and they’ve gotten over it every time! People in New York are very cooperative like that! Ha! Ha!”

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